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Announcements here may be of interest to recorder players. E-mail your advertisement to webeditatsrpdotorgdotuk  (webeditatsrpdotorgdotuk)   . Please include as much information as possible, and contact details.

This page is purely for information. The SRP provides no endorsement of  sellers or purchasers, and when engaging in such transactions you should  exercise appropriate caution. Items are usually removed after six months if not bought/sold.

Michael Grinter Bressan Alto recorder in F
A=443, Grenadilla body: Year of production: 2013
Superb condition as hasn’t been used since bought, due to lack of time. Mike has a waiting list of (theoretically) 18 months, practically almost 3 years (based on my experience).
Price tag for such new instrument is 3,500AU$ + shipping. My listed price is the equivalent 2,400 Euros, however I do include shipping (Registered, insured). Recorder comes in it’s original soft bag.
“Why do you sell?” -Since ordering the instrument more than 3 years ago, I do not have time to practice as I used to, and that’s ain’t going to change soon.
Sound qualities: This modern pitched recorder would be optimal for concertos (Arnold Cooke’s for example) or modern music, as it has a very brilliant (sometimes reedy), full tone. Recorders tend to fade while being plyaed together with other instruments (even piano), but this instrument is noticable and stands out. (very) Easy speaking all registers.
“Would you agree for a trial?” Yes, if you don’t like it and ship back in same condition within a week of receipt, I will return all payment back (excluding shipping price+bank fees).
Payment by cheque or bank transfer. The problem with PayPal, is that for overseas non-business transactions they charge a very high fee which makes it absurd.
email for contact: ori88catyahoodotcom
(Placed 20/04/2014)

Moeck Rottenburgh Alto NR.239
This is a maple treble recorder which is in mint condition and has hardly been used. Plenty of photos to back this up and original receipt from the Early Music Shop. The only sign of use is around the thumb hole.The case is also original.
Price: £170
Contact: Ali on 07817884936 or shaundotaliatbtinternetdotcom
(Placed 13/04/2014)

Moeck Rottenburgh soprano and alto
in boxwood, a=440
This matching pair of recorders are ideal for players of all ages and standards, but especially suited to aspiring amateurs. They have a lovely round sound and are easy to play across all registers, making them suitable for consort and solo playing. They are a few years old with some wear around the thumb holes and come in their original cases.
Price: £400 for the pair or £150 for the soprano and £250 for the alto
Contact: Harry on 07758205185 or harrylpettyatgmaildotcom
(Placed 25/03/2014)

Blezinger soprano and alto
in stained boxwood, a=415.
This matching pair of recorders are ideally suited to conservatoire students, or anyone keen to play baroque music at authentic pitch. The alto has a rich tone and speaks easily across all registers; the soprano is bright and sweet-sounding. The descant has hardly been played and is in very good condition. The alto has a hairline crack in the back of the mouthpiece which has been repaired.
Price: £1800 for the pair or £800 for the soprano and £1000 ono for the alto
Contact: Harry on 07758205185 or harrylpettyatgmaildotcom
(Placed 25/03/2014)

Aulos treble
(£15) Very good condition, includes case.
Price: £15
Contact: Cat on 07754 107165 (Bath)
(Placed 17/03/2014)

Aulos tenor
(£35) Very good condition, with key. Includes case.
Price: £35
Contact: Cat on 07754 107165 (Bath)
(Placed 17/03/2014)

415 for 440
I have a maple soprano in c’ made by von Huene after Ganassi in 440 (442?). It is excellent for playing solo music, especially van Eyck. What I want is to change it in a baroque soprano in 415. If the instruments are of equal quality we can just exchange, and if neccessary one of us pays an amount in between. My instrument is in very good condition and comes with a simple cover. On the back it is marked F.VON HUENE 7056. It has not been used very much, in spite of the age. It dates from early 90s, according to the serial number, but has been stored in a drawer for most of the time. I have owned it for 4-5 years and played it in concert 5-6 times. The value of the instrument is hard to set, but I have seen instruments like this for sale for £350-$1000. I live in Norway.
Contact: berglannatonlinedotno
(Placed 07/03/14)

1. Mollenhauer Kynseker Consort – £3,000 (Garklein, Sopranino, Two Descants, Treble, Tenor, Bass & Great Bass)
2. Blezinger Ganassi Descant – £350
3. Mollenhauer Modern Treble with F Foot – £350
4. Mollenhauer Wooden Descant – £100
5. Yamaha One-Handed Descant for the Right Hand – £175
Photos are available for each item, and testing in Cambridge is possible.
Contact: samdotnallendotcopleyatgmaildotcom
(Placed 07/03/2014)

Baroque Alto Recorder in F after J. Denner (Kopenhagen)
pitch A=415 Hz, made of grenadilla, by Jacqueline Sorel (Den Haag).
Price (incl. flute cover): €950,00
More information: smommertzathotmaildotcom
(Placed 23/02/2014)

Yamaha Alto YRA-302B III
New and unused, with case, cleaning rod, fingering chart and grease. RRP £32
Price: £20
Contact: anthonyatanthonyhalldotorg 07779 255147
(Placed 31/01/2014)

Aulos Alto 209B E
Used, With case, cleaning stick & brush
Price: £10
Contact: anthonyatanthonyhalldotorg 07779 255147
(Placed 31/01/2014)

Takeyama Alto/Treble in Boxwood
442 Hz bought new this year but not even played in.
Bright and expressive sound with great clarity.
Price: Paid £990 from EMS in London will accept £690.
Contact: Tel. 07711 221737 or email nicoladotmurrayatbtconnectdotcom
(Placed 13/12/2013)

Dolmetsch treble in Tulip wood
Mouthpiece bushed – beautiful tone. No case
Price: £110 plus postage
Contact katerangeratrocketmaildotcom
(Placed 05/12/2013)

Complete SATB set of Küng recorders

Küng 1303 Studio Soprano in Cherry (new/unused)
Küng 1403 Studio Alto in Cherry (new/unused)
Küng 2501 Superio Tenor in Pearwood (only used for a few concerts)
Küng 2601 Superio Knick-Bass in Pearwood (only used for a few concerts)
Price 1500GBP incl. postage/insurance within UK
Email meyerjuleatymaildotcom for further details
(Placed 18/01/2013)

Mollenhauer grenadilla alto recorder(440hz)

Completely improved by Kalle Belz. Never used.
Sound Example
Price: negotiable.
Contact: Şükrü Dellal recorderworkatgmaildotcom
(Placed 31/10/2013)

Roessler boxwood treble

Modern pitch – baroque fingering. About 20 years old in good condition with soft case. Very sweet tone
Price: £110
Contact: butterfurlongatbtinternetdotcom or ring 01722 712332
(Placed 13/02/2013)

Arnold Dolmetsch tenor, rosewood
Thumb-hole bushed; serial no. 22146
Price: £150 o.n.o.
Contact: 01277 216093 or essexatsrpdotorgdotuk
(Placed 10/01/2013)

Paetzold contra-bass recorder
Twenty years old approximately, in good condition. The body of the recorder is made of square sections of ply  wood, with wooden keys. It comes with a good quality hard case
Price: £1,700
Contact: debdotallittatbtinternetdotcom
(Placed 28/08/2012)

Bressan Alto recorder
440, Ebony, by Luca de Paolis
Made in 2009. Barely played (not more than 4 hours total), because I don’t have time practicing anymore. New condition, comes with hard case made by Luca. Amazing tune & playing qualities. The instrument has been oiled every two months in order to keep the wood in astonishing vivid condition. Pictures:
Price: 1550$US.
Standard Registered international shipping included in price (usually not more than 14 business days).
Contact: sleepyheaddotocatgmaildotcom  (sleepyheaddotocatgmaildotcom)  
(Placed 03/08/2012)

Moeck Rottenburgh Tenor recorder
in ebony, with double key. Excellent condition, with soft Moeck case
Price: £450
Contact: Michael on mdotmullen61atntlworlddotcom
Phone:  07812 470697
(Placed 14/07/2012)

Voice flute
Tenor recorder in D after a Denner original.
Pitch is A-415. Made by Martin Wenner in boxwood, stained a warm reddish colour. ( See his website for photo and current price ). In perfect condition.
Used professionally, but not often. Lovely rich, deep sound.
Price: £1,575.
Phone : 07855 638886
(Placed 21/06/2012)

Kobliczek Renaissance Soprano C
A new (January 2012) instrument in ebony. See photo.
Price: 480€
Contact: Lolo Loloadf (Email  (sum_marcusathotmaildotcom)  ), Barcelona
(Placed 10/02/2012)

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