West Dorset Branch Programme


Nov-Mar 1.30 – 4.30 pm        Summer 2 – 5pm


31st January
1.30 start

Conductor: Pat Crawford
Viadana Canzona SATB+SATB Schott
San Martino
Divertimento SSATB  
Purcell Fantasia no 12 SATB  
Lewin West of the Severn SATTB Hawthorn
Maschera Canzon Quarta ATTB White Rose

28th February
1.30 start


Conductor: Pete Willis
Faure Pie Jesu ATTBBBGb White Rose
Grieg Norwegian Dance SAATTB Hooker
Anon Pakington’s Pownde SATBGb CC
Puerl Two Canzons SSA/TTB Oriel
Moseley Pasodoble  SATB Oriel

28th March

1.30 start


Conductor: Robiin Powell
Tomkins A Toy SATB Faber
Anon he King’s Morisco & Giles Farnaby’s Dream SATB Curwen
Bach Contrapuncti 1 & 3 SATB Oriel
Brown Singin’ in the Rain SATB I M P

25th April


Conductor: Bruce Upton
Bennett All creatures now are merry, merry minded SATB Ayre
Haydn Two Fugues SATB Oriel 152
Bullard Triple Fipple ATB Peacock Press
  Consort with a Swing, part two SATB E M I
  Alexander’s Ragtime Band    
  Whistling Rufus    
  Heliotrope Bouquet    
  The Teddy Bear’s Picnic    


Last updated December 17, 2014