West Dorset Branch Programme


Nov-Mar 1.30 – 4.30 pm        Summer 2 – 5pm


25th January
1.30 start


Conductor: Pat Crawford
Ravenscroft Fantasia No 4 SSATB Sch Bib 25
Massaino Canzona XXXIV SSAB AATB UE 12641
Fauré Pavane SAATTBGb Novello
Bullard North Sea Sketches SAATB PP 365
Martini Air S/A A/T T B LMP 29

22nd February
1.30 start


Conductor: Pete Willis
Wilbye Stay Corydon SSATTB CC
Miller Moonlight Serenade SSATTB Huismuziek
Mozart Fugue in Gmin SATB Polyphonic
Purcell Dance of Bacchanale SATB Chester
Handel Concerto Grosso Op 6 No 1   Ayre

22nd March

1.30 start


Conductor: Robin Powell
Adson Courtly Masquing Ayres SSATB UE12574L
Dowland Lachrimae, Pavans, Galliards & Almands SAA/TTB Sch 5734
Clark Irish Suite SATTB Hawthorn
Joplin Magnetic Rag SAATB OL

26th April

2pm start

Conductor: Bruce Upton
Purcell Suite: The Fairy Queen SATB UE 12604
Russell-Smith Three Touches SSAATB EMI
Puccini Humming Song SATB div Ms
Consort with a Swing, part one: SATB div EMI
  Bach Goes to Town    
  Red Rose Rag    
  Yale Blues    
  Fig Leaf Rag    

31st May

2pm start

Pastoral Conductor: Chris Burgess

21st June

2pm start


Conductor: Chris Brown Music for Royal Occasions
Scheidt Bergamasca SSATB OL163
Gabrieli Canzon Prima SATTB LPM VM1
Cousen Royal Wind Music for James I   OUP
Boyce Symphony No 1 SATB Ayre Music
Locke Music from “His Majesty’s Sackbuts & Cornetts” SAATB OUP

26th July

2pm start

Conductor: Hilary Kenway
Bergmann Six Sixteenth Century Quartets SATB Schott Arch 16
Byrd Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home SATB OL 107
Bevin Browning à 3 ATB LMP 48
Rautavaara Taffel Musica SATB Ms

30th August

2pm start

Conductors: Chris & Sue Brown
Music will include Centre Pages of The Recorder Magazine

27th September

2pm start


Conductor: Robin Powell
All members are asked to attend AGM today plus lots of music
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