West Dorset Branch Programme


Nov-Mar 1.30 – 4.30 pm        Summer 2 – 5pm


26th September


Conductor: Robin Powell
Allegri Suite à 6 SSATTB  
Never Weather-Beaten Sail SATB Ayre
Viadana Canzona SATB + SATB  
Saux Quartet in F SATB  
All members are asked to attend AGM today

24th October

Conductor: Chris Brown
Taverner Sub tuum Praesidium SATTB Lindis
Bach Contrapuncti 1 & 3 SATB OL 103
Touchin Divertimento SATB Tomus
Touchin Ballade or Canon SATB Ctre Page
Lewin Trelawney’s Ghost SATB Hawthorn

21st November



Conductor: Sue Brown
Franck Choral SATB OL 207
Harvey Suite no 1 SATTB Chester
Martini Air S/A A T B LMP 29
Palestrina Ricercare Quinto Tono SATB Faber

19th December*



Conductor: Robin Powell
Jaspart Tmeiskin SATB Lily Pond
Byrd Fantasia SATB Schott
Bach Art of the Fugue: Contrapunctus 11 SATB Hargail
Saint-Saens Fossiles (Carnival of the Animals SopSATB Hawthorn
 Bring & Share Buffet at 12 noon Music starts at 1.30pm


23rd January Conductor Pat Crawford
Anon Pakington’s Pownde SATBGb CC
Pergolesi Stabat Mater AATB Grosvenor
Bach Fugue in C SATB Ayre
Hand Fanfare for a Festival SSATTB Sch 39
Gershwin Let’s call the whole thing off! SAA/TTB Gershwin Music

27th February

Conductor:Sue Brown
Saux Quartet in G, no 2 SATB

RMS 1230

Mico Fancy no 13 SATB

RMS 888

Bach Fuga alla breve e staccato SATB

DOL 308

Seiber Dance Suite SATB div



Last updated September 21, 2015