Paganini Caprices by Jean Cassignol

Niccolo PAGANINI: The complete 24 Caprices in 8 volumes
Arranged for treble (alto) recorder or transverse flute by Jean Cassignol
Jean-Claude Soldano (France) publisher

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An old project…
The original violin version of the famous op. 1 has been my upmarket technique tutor for some 20 years, for scale practice of course, and for arpeggios too!
The usable range of the treble (alto) recorder in F stretches along 2,5 octaves and lies in the top part of the tessitura of the transverse flute in C. All was needed was to resort to its lower fourth whenever necessary, to provide the flute with beautiful ossias.
Last but not least, it didn’t seem convenient to stick strictly to the original keys: one often feels closer to the composer’s intentions on the recorder as well as on the flute by transposing in the key in which the instrument will sound optimally.
I posted Caprices Nr. 9 and 24 on Youtube.
Kind regards,
Jean Cassignol