BBC Young Musician Woodwind Final

For the third time in succession, a recorder player has performed in the Woodwind Final of the BBC Young Musician. Polly Bartlett has written to us:

I recently came across your website and spotted that you had wished me good luck and so I just wanted to call and say thank you for your good wishes!
The Woodwind Final is to be broadcast on BBC4 on Friday 15/4/16 and I do hope you might be able to watch.
I won’t spoil the surprise by letting you know the results etc., but I thought you might be interested to see my programme which was…
Frescobaldi      Canzona detta la Bernardinia   (Descant)
Barsanti        Sonata in C  (mvs 1 and 2)   (Treble)
Ziegenmeyer      ‘Na zdrowie’  from The Delayed Flute for recorder, microphone, delay box and amplification
Le Thiere   L’Oiseau du Bois     (Sopranino)
I had such fun in Cardiff where the programme was recorded and I hope I have done a little bit to continue to fly the flag for the recorder!

All the best to Polly