President Jonathan Dove

Jun 112017

We are sorry to have to tell you that Eileen Silcocks died this week.  She had been in poor health for some time and had stepped down from some of her roles, though I know she continued to be active, sharing her advice by e-mail, until very recently.  Her roles with the SRP, over many years, included being one of our Musical Advisers and a member of the Panel of Visiting Conductors, but many members will also have known her through her compositions, which include West Country Suite (composed for the SRP Festival in Bristol in 2001), Playford Suite, and Flow (for the 2012 Festival in Guildford).

You can read more about Eileen at, there are recordings of many of her compositions and of her conducting on Youtube, and her music continues to be available from Recorder MusicMail.  So we have much to remember her by and be grateful for.

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  1. So sad. I am sorry to hear this bad news

  2. So sorry to hear this news. Eileen inspired others to play the recorder and to enjoy music. She will be sorely missed by many who knew her and followed her for a long time. I knew her just for a few years but I recognised in her the qualities that make a good teacher, including patience and kindness and, of course, professional skill.

  3. Oh, I am very very sad to hear this !
    Eileen was a wonderfull musician and recording artist, they will fail me !
    Thank you very much for your music !!!
    I wont to think of love in you

  4. So sorry to hear this sad news. I have happy memories of her great workshops.

  5. I’m so very sorry and can’t believe that Eileen has died. Many years I ‘ve been taken place in courses she and Dietrich Schnabel tought. They were a top team. Many of her lovely compositions I practiced with my orchestras.
    Im so sorry, RIP dear Eileen

  6. I am very sorry to hear this news.

  7. Very sorry to hear about Eileen. She was much loved by all at NYRO.

  8. So sad. I only met her once many years ago at Theo Wyatt’s recorder course, but a mutual friend who was closer to her had been telling me all along about Eileen’s brave battle. Unfortunately the battle is unequal. RIP

  9. Sorry to hear. MHDSRIP

  10. I am very sorry to hear that. Really enjoyed her workshops and her music.

  11. Oh, dear. After such a long battle, very bravely fought. Rest in peace, Eileen.

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