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Have you been puzzled how to find information on the SRP website? Have you ever been disappointed that it didn’t have something you needed? Have you ever wished it was arranged better? If so, please contact us: we are planning to improve the information on the website to make it easier to find, and would very much like to hear from you.

If you have any complaints or suggestions for improvement, please comment on this post, or email us at webeditatsrpdotorgdotuk.

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  • I travel around a lot, it would be really helpful if the branch directory had a list of branches by ‘normal’ weekend of the month, so that I could see at a glance if there was a meeting in the area where I was on the weekend when I was there.

  • We have elected some new officers at the London Branch. Is there a document oulining the duties of office holders please
    Mark Windisch
    Branch factotum 🙂

    • Yes indeed there is.. On the page, which you can get to from the menu The SRP/Admin/Branch Admin, there is a link to a branch guidance document as well as other useful information and forms for branches. You can also find some more general information about the formal requirements in the Society’s Rules, which you can get to from The SRP/Admin/Documents/Rules and Policies

      I’m not sure how to make these more easily findable, though we aren planning to tidy up that menu and we should probably refer to the rules from the branch admin page. Suggestions welcome!

    • Thanks
      It has helped to some extent. I have found out about The Salt River Project which was interesting if unexpected.
      I’ll have to go through it all again.
      I note that there is a form that the Secretary has to return I think a word with the retiring secretary might be useful.
      The incoming secretary will need to register
      The incoming secretary is not very computer skilled but I’m hoping to help him with guidance from Central

  • I find in non-intuitive to locate the visiting conductors page – it doesn’t feel like a branch activity to me.

  • Thanks for the comment. I’m sorry, I should have added in the post: please when you comment can you be as specific as possible – for instance it would be really helpful if you can give examples of what you were looking for and couldn’t easily find.. Thanks

    • Actually, I understood this just as a general comment since you provide the contact page on the SRP site. I was going to comment on there in details.

    • Thanks Sean, that’s excellent. But your comment did remind me that I needed to ask people to be specific – my fault for not putting that in the original post. All details will be very welcome. Thank you

  • Yes to all points.
    Thanks for starting this initiative. It’s not that info isn’t available. It’s just that the sub-menus are really hard to find your way around.

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