Descant Recorder Player Wanted

Theatre Alba is looking for a descant recorder player. If they double on treble or tenor or another instrument, that would be a bonus.

Theatre Alba is putting on an Easter Passion Play at Duddingston. It’s a promenade performance in the grounds of the manse and kirk, and it also processes through the village. Richard Cherns is putting the music together. This is their third such production at Duddingston, which now happens every 5 years. Theatre Alba has mounted fringe shows every year in the Edinburgh Festival at Duddingston for perhaps 20 years now.

There is a major piece for the finale, which is amplified, where the recorder carries the melody. There are a few other pieces that may feature recorder. We’ll certainly look to weave in any instruments we have.

There’s a small fee of £80. It’s fun to do, and doesn’t require much rehearsal. It takes place on Easter Sunday with the dress rehearsal the day before.

Please contact  Richard Cherns if you are interested.