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It occurs to me that some of you will be stuck at home without any other musicians to play with. So I’ve created some backing tracks for you to play along with, RecorderBoppers for grown-ups if you like. They’re free to download or you can play them from this site. Each piece has a written recorder part plus backings at ‘performance’ and ‘rehearsal’ (slower) speeds. Most playback software shows the duration of the recording in minutes and seconds which I’ve included on the recorder parts in case you need to start playback part way through the piece.

Click here to find out more.



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  • I really enjoyed the playing. Thank you ever so much for doing all this. I tried to download the tracks but was asked to log in with my email mail and password. Do I need to register for a personal account for log in?

    • Hi Elizabeth, you shouldn’t need to log in to download the tracks – could you try again, perhaps in a different web browser? Sara – Deputy Web Editor

  • Thank you so much for these downloads. They are really fun to play and a brilliant way to lift the lockdown blues!

  • Thank you so much for these downloads – there are a real inspiration in these lockdown times.

  • I want to thank you so much for doing these downloads. I am so enjoying playing along with them. I really miss playing with a group and these are keeping me going until we can get together again which at the moment seems very much in the distant future.

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