‘Spring Caprice’ by Marg Hall – recording here

Centre spread in the Spring 2021 Recorder Magazine (the score may be photocopied). 
 “Spring Caprice was written in the short, dark, damp days of late November 2020,” says Marg. “Spring felt far distant, daffodils a faint dream, and Covid dominated life. So I escaped into the playful joy of juggling notes and rhythms, and trying to combine the musical ideas into a coherent whole. Hopefully I was successful!”
To hear it click here 
Many  thanks to Nick Epton for this excellent recording on real recorders!
Helen Hooker has made ’Spring Caprice’ her consort video this week, recording it at two different speeds. This means we can all play it even if we can’t meet with our branches right now. If you go to www.helenhooker.co.uk/downloads you will find it there, together with a pdf of the score and the usual Hints & Tips. 
We’d like to hear about your experience of playing it – in either small or large groups – and we’ll publish your reactions next time in the SRP Pages of Recorder Magazine! Email the editor (Jean Campbell)       srpnews@srp.org.uk
Please see the magazine for some playing tips by Marg Hall and Helen Hooker.