Conference Minutes 2000

President: Sir Peter Maxwell Davies CBE

Registered Charity No. 282751
Scottish Registered Charity No. SC038422

Sunday, 30 April 2000
Deben High School, Garrison Lane, Felixstowe IP11 7RF

Officers, Committee & Musical Advisers:
Andrew Short Chairman, Brian Fraser-Hook Treasurer, John Allen Membership Secretary, Patricia Davies Competition Administrator, Anne Martin Examination Secretary, Bob Horsley Publicity Officer, Graham Danbury Chairman, WBMF, Madeline Seviour Branch Review Editor, Denis Bloodworth, Petrina Lodge, Hilary Oliver, Jim Rowley Committee members, Paul Clark Musical Adviser on Committee, Brian Bonsor, Colin Martin, Alyson Lewin, Anthony Rowland-Jones Musical Advisers
Branches Aberdeen
Douglas Haston, Bath Brenda Hollis, Birmingham Jim Rowley, Bristol Sylvia Davies, Cambridge Geraldine Owst, Cornwall Lydia Holmes (Observer Angela Dumbreck), Cumbria David Beare, (Observer Helen Beare), Devon Jeanette Hipsey, Dorset Mary Steele, Durham Caroline Melody, East Berks Andrew Challinger (Observer Mary Melluish),  Edinburgh Eileen Finlayson, Essex Marion Panzetta, Glasgow Ethel Allen, Guildford Margaret Davies (Observer Rosemary Whisson), Isle of Man Suzanne Rose, Kent Helen Taylor (Observer Margaret Brook), Leicester Sylvia Davidson, Lincoln Anita Spencer, Manchester Margaret Shearing, Mid-Herts Moira Fraser-Hook, Newcastle Harriet Gilfillan, Norfolk Audrey Illingworth, North Cotswold Rosemary McClenaghan, North London Carin Wilkinson, (Observer Mary Stallebrass), Northampton Sheila Marlow, Nottingham Peter Sturgeon, Nuneaton Philip Goode, (Observer Vivian Grubb), Peterborough Jan Theedom, (Observer Joan Lee), Roxburgh Mary Bonsor, South Downs Phoebe Williams (Observer John Williams), South London Margaret Crocker, (Observer Paula Marsh), South Staffs Alyson Lewin, Suffolk W Longley, Weald of Kent Ursula Burchette (Observer Anne Trevillion) Wessex Ena Pick, West Riding Roy Corbishley, York Matthew Taylor (Observers David & Anne Grosvenor)

The Chairman welcomed the Committee and Delegates to the Conference and congratulated Suffolk Branch on the success of the Festival.

1. Apologies for absence were received from Edgar Hunt, Emma Moore, Layton Ring, Theo Wyatt and Alistair Read (Officers/Committee and Musical Advisers); and from the following branches: Bedfordshire & North Herts, Hillfoots, Warwick, London and West Dorset.

The deaths were noted of La Noue Davenport (Vice-President), Dick Coles (Musical Adviser), Ken Kenworthy (Former Secretary and Magazine Editor, COS), George Moscrop (COS), Harry Whitcut (Treasurer, Cumbria), Ernest Rogers (Edinburgh) and Laurie Craigie (South Staffs.)

2. Minutes of last Conference

2.1 Amendments/corrections:

2.1.1 Amendment: Attendance list to show Sylvia Davies as Observer from Bristol Branch
2.1.2 Amendment: Attendance list to add Aberdeen Branch: Douglas Haston

2.2 Graham Danbury (Committee) proposed and Bob Horsley (Committee) seconded the motion that the Minutes of Conference 1999 as amended be adopted as a fair record of those proceedings. Carried nem con.

3. There were no Matters arising.

4. Additional Musical Advisers and Honorary Life Member

4.1 Conference was pleased to RATIFY the appointment as Musical Adviser of Helen Hooker and Andrew Collis. Proposed by Matthew Taylor (York Guildhall); seconded by Anthony Rowland-Jones (Musical Adviser). Carried nem con.

4.2 Conference was pleased to RATIFY the appointment of Philip Evry as Honorary Life Member. Proposed by Paul Clark (Musical Adviser); seconded by Anne Martin (Committee). Carried nem con.

5. Ratification of new/reformed Branches

5.1 Conference was pleased to RATIFY the Committee's proposal that the Isle of Man Branch be officially recognised as a Branch of the Society.

5.2 Conference was pleased to note the re-formation of the former Milton Keynes Branch, and to Ratify the Committee's proposal that Milton Keynes Branch be officially recognised as a Branch of the Society with effect from the next financial year of the Society.

6. Election of Officers and Committee

6.1 The Chairman said all Officers, and the Hon. Auditor, were prepared to stand for re-election. They were proposed en bloc by Colin Martin (Musical Adviser); seconded by Anthony Rowland-Jones (Musical Adviser) and ELECTED nem con. by Conference for a further term of one year.

6.2 Committee Members and Musical Adviser on Committee: As Hilary Oliver (West Riding) and Jim Rowley (Birmingham) were due to retire this year, and Theo Wyatt as Musical Adviser on the Committee, the following nominations had been received:

1. Committee
Margaret Shearing (Manchester)
Sylvia Davies (Bristol)
Matthew Taylor (York)

Proposed by
Hilary Oliver
Moira Usher
Sandra Foxall

Seconded by
Alistair Read
Anne Martin
Hilary Oliver

2. Musical Adviser on Committee
Eileen Silcocks
Colin Martin

Brian Fraser-Hook
Denis Bloodworth

Alistair Read
Paul Clark

Christopher Hansford (Bath) and Anthony Rowland Jones (M/A) declined nomination.

The ensuing ballot ELECTED Margaret Shearing (Manchester) and Sylvia Davies (Bristol) to serve on the Committee for a term of three years. Eileen Silcocks was elected to serve a similar term as Musical Adviser on the Committee.

7. Officers' Reports

The Chairman reminded Conference that written reports from all Officers had been circulated with the papers for the meeting. He thanked the Officers for their work during the past year. Some Officers added to their reports or answered questions:

7.1 Treasurer. Marion Panzetta (Essex) proposed and Colin Martin (Musical Adviser) seconded that the Accounts for 1998-99 be adopted. Carried nem con.

7.2 The Membership Secretary circulated a Breakdown of membership for the past 20 years, and a print-out of the membership list for each Branch to be checked.

7.3 The Examination Secretary said that she would be sending information to Branches about proposed conducting classes and asked for responses as to the likely take-up from members.

7.4 The Competition Administrator said that leaflets about the 2001 Competition were now available and she encouraged members to distribute them widely to possible candidates. There was a discussion about the level of publicity for the Competition Winner's Concert at the Wigmore Hall, and the Competition Administrator told Conference that organisation of the Concert, and publicity for it, was solely the responsibility of Moeck. Members felt that greater publicity would be desirable for future concerts.

7.5 The Branch Review Editor's report led to a discussion about the Teachers' Supplement to the Recorder Magazine. The Chairman said he had discussed this with the publishers who had stopped the Supplement as they had run out of suitable music. They would be asked to include in a future issue a request for readers to offer suitable pieces for publication.

7.6 The Publicity Officer said that the Society would have a stand on the ground floor at this year's Early Music Fair.

7.7 The Walter Bergmann Fund Chairman said that new brochures were now available. He mentioned the music from Ken Kenworthy's collection which was available for sale, and increased tax advantages for the Fund from changes proposed in the recent Budget. A question about availability of assistance for older players was referred to the Committee for consideration.

8. Charitable Status. The Chairman introduced the draft paper which had been circulated in view of the forthcoming review of the charitable status of various groups of Registered Charities by the Charity Commission. He said that the Commission are now requiring provision of information about each Charity's activities in an Annual Return. In preparation for the Society's review he asked Branches to send him, on a continuing basis, information about activities and special events which could be used as evidence of the public benefit gained from the Society's activities.

9. Future Festivals. The following arrangements were noted:

2001 Bristol and Bath Branches; 21/22 April at Colston Collegiate School, Stapleton, Bristol.

2002 Guildford Branch; 6/7 April at Tormead School Guildford.

2003 Manchester Branch

2004 Wessex Branch

2005 East Berkshire Branch

10. Resolutions to Conference

10.1 Society's financial year. The Chairman explained that the Committee considered that there would be advantages in changing the Society's financial year end from 30th September to 31st August. After a brief discussion it was AGREED, nem con., that the following changes be made to the Society's Rules:

(a) substitute 1st September for 1st October whenever referred to in Rules 3(d), 3(g), 9(a)(i) and Branch Rule l(c).

(b) substitute 31st August for 30th September whenever referred to in Rules 4(d), 6(b) and Branch Rule 2(d)(iv).

10.2 Business membership. The Chairman explained that the Committee recommended that the Society create a class of Business membership for organisations connected with the recorder who may wish to support the Society. Such organisations would not be involved in the running of the Society and would have no vote. The Chairman said that if the proposed rule change was agreed, the Committee would consider the advice of the Data Protection Registrar, which had been requested, before deciding how to implement the new class of membership, and whether the Members' List would be available to Business members. The views of members were requested as to inclusion of email addresses in the next Members' List. Conference AGREED, nem con., that the following changes be made to the Society' Rules:

(a) Rule 3(a) delete "There" and insert "For individuals there…".

(b) Insert the following as new Rule 3(k)[this to come between the two existing Rules 3(j),the second of which shall be renumbered 3(1)]: "There shall be one class of Business Membership open to any business ("corporate body") associated with the Recorder. Business Members shall be entitled to such rights and privileges and shall pay such annual subscription as the Committee shall from time to time determine."

11. Any other business

11.1 Andrew Challinger (East Berkshire) reported that a member had requested information in the Members' List or Magazine as to the meeting place of Branches. Referred to the Committee for consideration.

11.2 In answer to David Beare (Cumbria) the Membership Secretary confirmed that the Society's Data Protection Registration covered Branches.

11.3 Peter Sturgeon (Nottinghamshire) expressed concern at the lack of young people at Branch meetings. His Branch had formed a group which undertook visits to schools to try to increase awareness of and interest in the recorder. He requested help from other Branches who had attempted to attract young members. There followed a general discussion in which the difficulty of attracting younger members was acknowledged.

11.4 Angela Dumbreck (Cornwall) asked if copies of the Society's current Insurance Policy were available as a copy often had to be produced when a Branch hired premises. Copies could be obtained when required from the Secretary.

11.5 Thanks were expressed to Moira Usher and Suffolk Branch for their organisation of the Festival and Conference, and (in his absence) to the Secretary for all his work in preparing the Conference and throughout the year.

The Conference closed at 11.02 hr.

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