A masque was the court entertainment of the Tudor and Stuart times. The Masque of Oberon is the only complete surviving text from one of these masques. Peter Holman has reconstructed the music for the masque and is kindly allowing the SRP to use it at the 2020 Festival.

Everyone will have music to play so you need to bring a recorder and stand. In addition, there are some pieces where a chorus is needed to sing, some solos and duets for soprano or tenor and some speaking parts.

The speaking parts are either one or two lines (small part) or taking on a character (larger part). Nothing has to be done from memory and scripts will be sent in advance so you can practise.

No acting is required and very minimal costume – a mask maybe, wielding a club, wearing a crown…

Please indicate on the festival booking form if you would like to take on any of the extras. You will all be playing recorders when you are not speaking or singing. If we have more volunteers than parts available, they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Last updated 30 December 2019