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Announcements here may be of interest to recorder players. E-mail your advertisement to webeditatsrpdotorgdotuk  (webeditatsrpdotorgdotuk)   . Please include as much information as possible, and contact details.

If you would like to sell your instrument for charity, then Recorder Shop London has a page on its site where you can have instruments sold to raise money for WBF charity or SRP branch funds.

This page is purely for information. The SRP provides no endorsement of  sellers or purchasers, and when engaging in such transactions you should  exercise appropriate caution. Items are usually removed after six months if not bought/sold.

Dolmetsch Descant and Treble

I am selling two Dolmetsch wooden recorders on behalf of a friend who bought them in the late 1970s but never got round to playing them much.  They are both in their original boxes and have recently been re-corked.  Both modern pitch.  I showed them briefly to Jeanne and Marguerite Dolmetsch, who identified the woods and said that they are nice instruments deserving of a good player.  Both were made in 1976.

Descant in Honduras rosewood.  Serial number 21660.

Treble in kingwood.  Serial number 21407.  There is a superficial and very thin crack in the middle of the back of the headpiece, which does not affect the tone and is presumably the result of its lying unplayed and un-oiled for so many years.

The owner is willing to sell them cheaply to someone deserving.  Otherwise, they are worth at least £200 each.

Contact: Simon Mollison: sjmollisonatgmaildotcom  (sjmollisonatgmaildotcom)   01865 515077

(Placed 24/4/2017)


Von Huene Alto

Please see
(Placed 11/1/2017)


TTakeyama Altoakeyama Alto A=415

This beautiful recorder is a Takeyama Alto in Boxwood at A=415. The tone is pure but full across the whole of the instrument’s range and it is very enjoyable to play. I bought it new 2 years ago from the Early Music Shop for £981 and sadly have had barely any chance to play it. It is too lovely a recorder to be neglected so I want it to go to someone who plans to make better use of it! Comes with original case, cork grease and cleaning stick, all as good as new.
Price: £700
Contact: Imogen Flower, imogendotflowerathotmaildotcom
(Placed 2/10/2016)

Ganassi soprano

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Ganassi Soprano by von Huene

A wonderful “Ganassi soprano” (see here for the specification of this model on the maker’s website: made by Von Huene. In Maple with two joints at A=440 and A=415. I bought this instrument second-hand through the Early Music Shop Used Instrument Agency in 2011 when it was a few years old, and have enjoyed it very much since then (you can hear a little clip of me playing it on this link: I am selling as over the past 5 years I feel that my instrument needs/preferences have changed, and so am looking to pass this much-loved recorder on and replace it with an instrument that has a little more resistance and ‘chuff’ in the sound. This is a truly excellent instrument that can be played using standard ‘modern’ soprano fingerings and produces a really lovely clear & pure tone at both pitches, making it ideal for all situations.
Price £760
Contact : flahham993atgmaildotcom
(Placed 30/05/2016)


Von Huene “Stanesby, Jr.” Alto

Grenadilla, a=415, S/n 4193
This superb instrument was bought new, by me, from the Early Music Shop of Boulder Colorado in San Francesco when we were both visiting that city in 1989. It has beautiful tone and intonation and is a fine example of Von Huene’s work. Complete with lovely Von Huene soft leather carrying pouch. See pictures at
Price: £1000 ono.
Contact: gordonatgordongregorydotcodotuk  020 8985 7422
(Placed 28/03/2016)


Hanson and Cousen 1

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Hanson and Cousen Tenor

This recorder belonged to my late mother, who was an enthusiast for early music. I believe it is a tenor recorder made by Hanson and Cousen in about 1980, and I have had one valuation of about £250. I should like it to go where it will be played – as far as I am aware it is in good condition. My email is alexatramsaydotnet (01544 267461).
(Placed 10/03/2016)


Picco 2Picco pipe

(c. 89 mm.), stamped “W. BURNS & CO / BELFAST”, rosewood, one nickel ring
Price £ 600
Contact: theatorumatgmaildotcom
(Updated 1/5/2016)


Kung Treble
Maple and at 440. The tone is sonorous and full. Originally bought at The Early Music Shop.
Price: £200
07949494568 wendytalbotatyahoodotcodotuk
Location South East London
(Placed 9/12/2015)


Ganassi Alto

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Ganassi Alto in G
made by Joachim Rohmer. It’s in both 440 and 466Hz. The wood is Palissandre. This is a very good instrument, but I don’t really play the soloist repertoire of the 16th century… You can hear the instrument at, in “extraits sonores”‘s video after 2.06 minutes.
Price: I bought this recorder in 2011 for 1500€. I am selling it for 1000€.
Contact: David Zubeldia davidzubeldiaatoutlookdotfr
(Placed 22/10/2015)

Last updated April 24, 2017