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Edinburgh area

NEW tenor recorder for sale, £650. Mollenhauer wooden tenor in boxwood. Bought in a rush in March 2019 from EMS for £750 but unfortunately too big for my hands. Lovely tone and sad it isn’t right for me. Played twice, briefly.

Contact Liza on: lizadotpineydotlpatgmaildotcom or phone (07525) 665846.

(Placed 09/06/2019)

Bath area.

This Mollenhauer Modern Alto is now a couple of years old but has hardly been played. It is in excellent condition with minimal, if any, signs of wear. The instrument comes with an E-foot and has an extended range of almost 3 octaves, with a clear and brilliant sound most suited to solo performance and the modern repertoire. It comes with a hard case and a matching thumb rest.

A reluctant sale, I am asking £700. The current EMS price for a new instrument is £1335.

Please contact Hugo Stearn on 01761 416708 or hdotstearnatbtinternetdotcom.

(Placed 05/11/2019)

Last updated 5 November 2019