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Announcements here may be of interest to our members. E-mail your ad to the Web Editor  (webeditatsrpdotorgdotuk)   . Please include as much information as possible, and contact details.

This page is purely for information. The SRP provides no endorsement of  sellers or purchasers, and when engaging in such transactions you should  exercise appropriate caution. Items are usually removed after six months if not bought/sold.

Aulos 511w Tenor, Zen-On 150 BW  soprano

I am wishing to purchase an Aulos 511w Tenor Recorder. It is made of ABS plastic; and, this recorder model has the simulated wood grain finish. I may also be interested in purchasing an Aulos 511w tenor recorder; even yes, if it has a broken or missing key.
I would also like to purchase a Zen-On 150 BW ABS plastic, soprano recorder with the simulated wood grain finish too.
Please contact: Norwood (Woody) BayBridge, Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA,
My email address is NorwoodBayBridgeatgmaildotcom
(Placed 04/12/2014)

Baroque soprano in 415

I have a maple soprano in c’ made by von Huene after Ganassi in 440 (442?). It is excellent for playing solo music, especially van Eyck. What I want is to change it in a baroque soprano in 415. For further details please see the entry in the Recorders for Sale page.

Wooden Great Bass at a reasonable price
Contact judydotduncanatbtinternetdotcom
This is for a small group of recorder players who want to extend their repertoire. They have been known for performing charity concerts. Not too large a gap between the thumb hole and the first hole would be good as there are some small hands in the group.
(Placed 4/1/2013)

Wooden Treble Recorder
I am looking for a wooden treble recorder. I have recently started playing a plastic treble recorder after not playing at all for 40 years and my previous experience was only of descant recorders. I would like to try playing a wooden treble as I feel the sound of the wood would be more in keeping with the drum and dance troupe that I play in. Does anyone have one that they would let go for a song (e.g. under £50.00) as I can’t afford an expensive mistake. Cosmetic condition is not important as long as in good working order.
If you would like more background:
Our troupe formed in July 2012, we are a Bellydance and drumming troupe. Our dance style currently is mainly American Tribal Style and our drums are djembes and darabuks. We have recently started including a medieval style to our music and dance and are including recorders to play melody also
Email: amanda_rosomanathotmaildotcom  (amanda_rosomanathotmaildotcom)  
(Placed 10/12/2012)

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