20th January, 2pm-5pm

Conductor: Moira Usher

We welcome the return of Isobel Connell and Paul Davis. This time they will be playing the Mozart concertante for violin and viola.

17th February, 2pm-5pm

Conductor: Moira Usher
East Ayrie Fancies set 2 AATB comp set
Russell-Smith 3 Touches SS/sopAATB EMI
Handel Vinto e l’amour SATB Hawthorns
Léhar NecShledil Marsch sopSATBGbCb comp set

17th March, 2pm-5pm

Conductor: Moira Usher
Bach (soloist Alan Bullard) Awake Thou wintry Earth SATBKb comp set
Mozart Divertimento 2 SAT Oriel
Chapman Blue Period SATB  
Strauss Sängerlust Polka SSAATB Oriel

21st April

Conductor: Sarah Whomersley

Sarah is our pastoral visitor this year. Sarah trained at the Royal College of Music specialising in Recorder and ‘Cello and then went on to do a PGCE. She teaches recorder to children and adults (beginners to Grade 8) including preparation for music college entrance exams. Sarah is the MD of the Cornish branch of the SRP.

21st October, 2pm–5pm

Conductor: Moira Usher
Brade Suite SSATB Peacock
Silcocks West Country Suite SATB Oriel
Weelkes Cease Now Delight AATTBGb comp set
Wood The Horseguards March SopSATBGbCb comp set

18th November, 2pm–5pm

Conductor: Helen Hooker

Helen is an active performer both as a soloist and an ensemble player, including EROS. The main focus of her teaching is working with adult players of all abilities. She has been a tutor at the Recorder Summer School since 1993 and chair since 2005. She regularly coaches SRP branches and teaches on weekend courses throughout the UK. She will bring her own choice of music.

16th December, 2pm–5pm

Conductor: Moira Usher
Telemann Allegro from Harpsichord Fantasia SAT comp set
Peerson Fantasia and Alamaine SSATBB Willobie Press
Schmelzer Sonata a 7 SSAATTB Schott
Anon French Medieval Carols SATB Hawthorns
Clark 12 Days of Christmas SATB Hawthorns

22nd April, 2pm-5pm

Conductor: Steve Marshall

Steve is our pastoral visitor this year.  Steve is a composer, arranger, publisher and player. He has a background in jazz as well as in composition and will bring his own choice of music.

* Note that this meeting is on the 4th Saturday of the month *

20th May, 2pm-5pm

Conductor: Moira Usher
Mozart Ave Verum SATB comp set
Holborne Dances SATTB Peacock
Richards Scarborough Fink SATBGb/Cb Willobie WP 533
Nicholson 3 Consort Pieces SSATB B&H 20268
Berlin Alexander’s Ragtime Band SATB EMI
*Note that this meeting will include a short AGM*

17th June, 2pm-5pm

Conductor: John Allen

John is our regular June conductor and will bring his own choice of music. He specialises in early music about which he is very knowledgeable.

15th July, 2pm-5pm

Conductor: Moira Usher
Lupo Fantasia 1 AATB comp set
Telemann Suite in A minor Solo A, ATBGb CRCS
Hook Terzetto No 1 SSA/TTB comp set
May Flower Arrangement SATTB comp set

21st January, 2pm-5pm

Conductor: Moira Usher

We will be joined by Hattie Llewellyn and Maggie Ryan, 2 soprano singers, for a variety of duets including arrangements of Purcell, Humperdinck, Mozart and Vivaldi.

18th February, 2pm-5pm

Conductor: Moira Usher
Viadana La Bergamasca 2 x SATB LPM VM20
Bach Komm, Jesu Komm 2 x SATB comp set
Faure Pavane for a Dead Infante SATBGbKb  
Hall Bobby Goes to Town SATBGb Peacock P237

18th March, 2pm-5pm

Conductor: Moira Usher
Hassler Dances from Der Lustgarten SSA/TTB Oriel 182
Moseley Pasodoble SATB Oriel OL 148
Bruckner Os Justi SATB divisi CCBN 19002RCM
  Virga Jesse SATB comp set
O’Carolan Four Irish Melodies SATB Willobie WP503

22nd April, 2pm-5pm

Conductor: Steve Marshall

Steve is our pastoral visitor this year and will bring his own choice of music.

* Note that this meeting is on the 4th Saturday of the month *

17th September, 10am-5pm

Conductors: Adam Dopadlik and Moira Usher *Playing Day*

Application Form and information

15th October, 2pm-5pm

Conductor: Moira Usher
Carey Cocktails SATB Fentone F434
Torroba Los Mayos ATTBBB comp set
Biber arr Allen Battalia SSAATGb comp set
Saux Quartet No 2 in G SATB Schott

19th November, 2pm-5pm

Conductor: Stephen Watkins

Stephen has taught music in the UK, Iceland and Germany. He plays recorder, cello, trombone and piano and has studied singing. His first love musically is composition and he draws on many sources of inspiration for his works. He will bring a number of his pieces written especially for SRP which Norfolk Branch enjoyed playing earlier this year.

17th December, 2pm-5pm

Conductor: Moira Usher
Handel arr Hooker Dances from Water Music SATB Peacock P53
Gabrieli Septimi Toni 2xSATB Oriel 102
Guilmant Noel Ecossais SATTBB Willobie WP 525
Trad arr Wilcox Rocking SAATB comp set
Farquhar Christmas Medley No 1 SATBGbCb comp set
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