Branch Music Libraries


We currently have lists from 8 branches, a total of 2238 records.

You can search the libraries for particular composers, works, publisher and catalogue number, and number of players. You can also restrict the search to a particular branch library.

You can also browse a list of the complete catalogue in composer order.

In either case you can see the number of scores and parts held by each branch. Clicking on the branch identifier will create an email to send to that branch for that work. (If clicking the email link doesn't work on your computer you can see the email address of the branch by hovering over the link.)

Composer: Any part of name: eg ach for Bach
Title: Part of title:eg ata for Sonata/Toccata
Reference: Publisher/catalogue no:eg Oriel or OL 226
No of Players:
Branch: Each result matches all completed fields
The list is in order of composer then work. In the tab is a table of pages, showing the composer of the first entry on each page. Click the name of the composer to show that page. You can then either click another composer name or use the next page and previous page arrows to navigate through the list.

The search is not case-sensitive (ie bach=Bach=baCh=bAcH)

You may search for any single string that might occur anywhere in any of the text fields:

eg aldi in the Composer field and ata in the Title field will find such listings as: Vivaldi - Trio Sonata Frescobaldi - Sonata da Chiesa Frescobaldi - Three Toccatas

Search for this You will get this
Composer Bach All works by Bach, Offenbach etc
Title ata All works whose title includes Sonata, Toccata etc
Composer: Bach No of Players: 4 Branch: EDI All 4-part works by Bach et al Held by Edinburgh Branch

Note Searches cannot use AND logic - ie searching for prelude fugue will produce no results. Searching for prelude & fugue will produce results.

Search results are shown one page at a time. Use the next page and previous page arrows to navigate through the list of results.

Last updated August 27, 2012