President Jonathan Dove



Most activities are organised through Branches – for contact details please see the SRP Branches tab.

National Officers may be contacted as below: For further details, see the detailed list of office holders and committee members.

Chairman: Vic Morris, chairatsrpdotorgdotuk, Phone: 01223 242506

Secretary: Mike Wilkinson, secretaryatsrpdotorgdotuk, Phone: 01732 456997

Treasurer: Ulli Burchette, treasureratsrpdotorgdotuk, Phone: 01732 354763

Membership Secretary: David Rollason, memsecatsrpdotorgdotuk, Phone: 01913 846293

Web Editor: Anthony Hall, webeditatsrpdotorgdotuk, Phone: 07779 255147

Publicity Officer: Emily Bannister, publicityatsrpdotorgdotuk  (publicityatsrpdotorgdotuk)  

You can send email to all branches by using the address alldotbranchesdotsrpatsrpdotorgdotuk, and to all affiliated orchestras using affiliatesatsrpdotorgdotuk

Last updated July 15, 2016