Most activities are organised through Branches – for contact details please see the relevant branch in the branch list or find a branch near you.

National Officers may be contacted as below: For further details, see the detailed list of office holders and committee members.

Chairman: Jim Grant, chairatsrpdotorgdotuk, Phone: 01923 461834

Secretary: April Munday, secretaryatsrpdotorgdotuk, Phone 02380 781173

Treasurer: Ulli Burchette, treasureratsrpdotorgdotuk, Phone: 01732 354763

Membership Secretary: Penny Clarke, memsecatsrpdotorgdotuk, Phone: 07779 068359

Web Editor: Tina Friedrich, webeditatsrpdotorgdotuk, Phone: 07531 374761

News Editor: Jean Campbell, srpnewsatsrpdotorgdotuk

Publicity Officer Louise Findlay, publicityatsrpdotorgdotuk

You can send email to all branches by using the address allbranchesatsrpdotorgdotuk (mails are also copied to the chair, secretary, treasurer and membership secretary), and to all affiliated groups using affiliatesatsrpdotorgdotuk

Last updated 3 September 2020