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Meetings are usually held fortnightly on Thursday evenings from 7pm to 9.30pm.  Please see our Programme for dates.

If you enjoy playing the recorder and can sight read music reasonably well, you are most welcome to join us. There are no auditions and you won’t be expected to hold a part on your own (unless you want to of course!). Playing sessions are conducted by our Musical Director and all music is provided, so you just need to bring your recorder(s) (the more shapes and sizes the better) and a music stand. The charge for non SRP members is £7.50 which includes tea and cakes…but your first visit is free.

If you are an SRP member visiting Aberdeen or the surrounding areas and would like to join us for one of our meetings we would be very pleased to see you.


We have no fixed programme but we try to cater for a range of musical tastes … so be prepared for anything!

We regularly hold playing days at the branch and participate in the Scottish and National SRP festivals. We also take part in concerts throughout the year.

Some of our members are involved with the Scottish Recorder Orchestra and some also meet for informal “one to a part” playing. Join us and find out more!

Please note there will be no Young Players Session before the main meeting this year…but the Young Person’s Membership Fee will still apply. We hope the earlier start and finish time will still mean it is possible for our younger players to make the most of SRP evenings.


Please visit our Facebook page for information on the branch and to see what we are up to.


Last updated 30 June 2023