The Chiltern Recorder Consort Series of arrangements by Alex Ayre is available from:

Recorder Music Mail
Tel: 01422 882751

There is a discount of 30% on a bulk order (£40 or more posted to one address and paid in one transaction) for SRP members.

Click the CRCS number in the list below to find the item in the Recorder Music Mail catalogue. This shows a link, which opens in a separate window or tab.

You can list the items either by the number of players, or by composer, by clicking the selection you want in the CRCS Publications tab.

Each item is available in one of two formats:

  1. Alex Ayre’s original handwritten score and parts.
  2. Computer-set score and parts. These are marked “C” in the list below.

Some of the original handwritten items are not supplied with paper scores, and the computer set scores do not necessarily include all Alex Ayre’s original markings. Therefore, if you have bought an item that does not include Alex Ayre’s original handwritten score then you can download a scan of the original score by clicking the Score link for that item in the list below.