Chairman and conductors: Alasdair Nisbet
Musical Director: David Moses
Secretary: Judith Abbs
Treasurer and membership: Katie Stone

Image of Dick Whittington’s cat playing recorder ©John Minnion. Reproduced by kind permission.


We meet at Highgate International Church, 272 Archway Road N6 5AU. You can find detailed directions on the venue page. NOTE: Please use the cafe entrance (not the main entrance).

Playing sessions

Our sessions are held on the first Saturday of each month from 2.30pm-5.30pm. There are months when we have to vary the date, so do check the programme below. The room is open from 2pm and playing starts at 2.30pm. Please allow time to sign in and set up. Music will be provided. You will need to bring your own music stand. 


We break for refreshments during the afternoon, organised by volunteers from the branch on a rota basis (costs are reimbursed). Refreshments are free as the branch agreed to fund them from September 2018. This decision will be re-visited each year at the AGM based on branch funds.

Visitors and new members

We enjoy welcoming new members and visitors from other branches (or people new to SRP who want to try it out first). If you just want to show up to try it out, you do not need to let us know in advance. However, if you prefer to know that you are expected and to have a name of someone to approach on arrival, then email the Secretary at nlondonatsrpdotorgdotuk and we will ensure we look out for you. Here is a left with all the details you need: Link to New Joiners Leaflet_North London_Sept 2018


Our conductors are a mixture of keen members, active and retired musicians and professional recorder players. Most conductors are not paid fee and are only reimbursed for copying and travel, not their time in preparing and conducting. The branch have agreed to pay £90 to up to four professional recorder players each year from branch funds. This decision will be re-visited each year at the AGM based on branch funds.

Subscriptions 2018-19


Membership renewal will take place during August and September. People who have never been a member of SRP can join in January for half price.

Type of membership Fee 
Full membership
(half price from January if you are totally new to SRP)
£60.00 per year (£25 goes to central SRP)
Associate membership
(for full members of another SRP branch)
£35.00 per year
Household membership
(where more than one full member lives at the same address)
£90.00 per year (£37.50 goes to central SRP)

(must name institution and be able to supply evidence if asked)

£35.00 per year (£10 goes to central SRP)
Visitor (not a member of another branch) £8.00 per visit
Visitor (member of another SRP branch) £7.00 per visit
Subscriptions should be sent to: Katie Stone, 25a Dagmar Road, London N22 7RT. We no longer issue membership cards, but can give you a receipt on request. SRP_membership_application_2018_2019 Gift Aid declaration (Dec 2016) – multiple donations (doc)


Our 2018-19 programme

Date Conductor Date Conductor
1 September 2018 Alasdair Nisbet and Malcolm Abbs  2 March 2019
Keith Abbs
6 October 2018 Isobel Clarke 6 April 2019 Members’ Day
3 November 2018 (with a short AGM) David Moses 4 May 2019 David Moses
1 December 2018 Kathryn Corrigan 1 June 2019 Michael Copley
5 January 2019 Mark Windisch 6 July 2019 Caoimhe de Paor
2 February 2019 Julie Dean August 2019 Summer break 

Further information
Available from the Secretary at nlondonatsrpdotorgdotuk  (nlondonatsrpdotorgdotuk)  .

Emails from the branch If you are receiving emails from us it is because at some point you have provided your email address. If you no longer wish to receive the mailings, please send an email with the title UNSUBSCRIBE to the Secretary (nlondonatsrpdotorgdotuk). No message is required and you should not receive any further general mailings. If you are receiving emails from the Yahoo group it is because you have joined. You will need to follow the instructions to unsubscribe from that group separately. It is not run by the North London Branch.

Last updated 16 February 2019