Welcome to York Guildhall Branch

This branch of the Society of Recorder Players took its name from the York Guildhall where we first met, when we started in Autumn 1994. 

The inaugural meeting was held on the 31st of October 1994 in the Guildhall, which was attended by 14 people with David Grosvenor as conductor.  Meetings were originally held once a month, then from June 1995, two meetings per month were held for many years. Now we have returned to one meeting per month, usually on the third Saturday of the month, (please see programme for dates), and now held in Skelton Village Hall.

Matthew Taylor became our conductor in 2008.

We celebrated our 21st anniversary in 2015 with a cake and David Grosvenor was invited as guest conductor.

Our branch has hosted two National Festivals:

1999 at Milthorpe School

2007 at the Mount School

Please email our Secretary to let us know that you’d like to join us for a free trial first visit – see below for contact details. We hold our usual meetings on the afternoons of the third Saturdays of each month in Skelton Village Hall from 2 to 5 pm, but please check for exceptions as sometimes they do happen!

We are a small, but very enthusiastic branch who offer out members as wide a variety of styles and pieces as possible. Over the last few years we have introduced an annual playing day involving either recorder orchestral music, polychoral music or inviting a conductor for the day.

Visitors are always welcome – we make no charge for the first visit. Music is provided, but please bring a music stand. 

 For more details please email the secretary at 

Last updated 16 August 2022