President Jonathan Dove

Peterborough Branch


Branch Contact:

Mrs Audrey Evans 

104 Lincoln Rd 

Deeping Gate 

Peterborough PE6 9BA 

Tel: 01778 380791 Email Address  (peterboroughatsrpdotorgdotuk)  

We are a small and enthusiastic group of recorder players with members from Peterborough and surrounding counties. We meet twice a month on a Saturday afternoon and a Wednesday evening. For many years we have been led by Musical Director and founder member Jan Theedom. Jan will shortly be retiring to the West Country, so for 2016/17 and future years there will be changes to the way that the Branch operates.                                                                                


                                                                                                                                                                     Our Retiring Musical Director, Jan Theedom

Jan will still have some recorder playing interests in the Eastern Counties, and hopes to conduct us occasionally. However it is anticipated that most of our sessions will now be led by visiting conductors, or on occasions by Branch members. It is possible that a new Musical Director will be appointed in due course, should a candidate appealing to the membership emerge. We are committed to keeping the Branch going, maintaining the present number of sessions, and hope that the variety of conductors will provide members with some compensation for the loss of Jan. Her contribution to the Branch over the years cannot be overstated, and we are very sorry to lose her. 


In future we hope to follow the example of larger Branches, and advertise the conductor for each session in advance, possibly with an indication of the playing programme. 


While we are no longer members of the local “umbrella” organisation, Peterborough Music Making (link below), we welcome suitable invitations to perform jointly with other consorts or choirs.

Videos of the group playing at Ringstead Church, Northamptonshire 

Our membership fees are;

Members joining or renewing, £50 (concessions and installment payment negotiable). New members joining from January 2017 may be offered a reduced rate subscription. NB We are unable to offer this concession to re-joining members. Members renewing should do so in September if at all possible, and it would be very helpful if members would sign a gift aid declaration if appropriate. This helps us keep the subscription down. 

Visitors’ fees are: SRP members £2, others £5 per session. We will credit visitor fees paid by new or previous members in the playing year, should they decide to join. The first session for potential new members is free.


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Last updated September 10, 2016