Ashley Allerton is the Branch Chairman and Secretary.If you would like any further information, please contact him by email () or phone (01392 462655).

Our Treasurer is Peter Macklin (Email: ).

The banch has been in existence since the 1950s, started at the instigation of Brian Crispin, who with his wife Sally, was responsible for running the branch for many years. Sadly both have now moved on.

Eric Chapman was our Musical Director until 2000, and sadly has since also moved on. We have not had a Musical Director since, but have had many excellent visiting conductors.

Our monthly meetings used to be very popular, but for a number of reasons attendances have gradually become lower and more variable, but those who do attend always enjoy the sessions. The number of members has fallen, and we have been concerned about the branch’s viability. We have been helped by two very generous financial donations several years ago, and the committee is endeavouring to keep the branch going. We have been encouraged by a recent increase in interest (2023).

We will be holding some half-day meetings (10am – 1pm) and several playing days (10am – 4pm) this year – additional meetings will be organised if there is demand. Should attendance be very low we may reassess the situation.

Sessional fees For all participants:
Half-day meetings: £10 (Branch members free of charge)
Full-day meetings: £15 (no half-day rate – Branch members £5).

Please see here for details of our venue


Last updated 6 November 2023