The Society of Recorder Players, which was established over eighty years ago, has a membership of over 1,300 throughout Great Britain and Ireland and the wider world, and is one of the largest societies dedicated to promoting recorder music-making.

The Society:

  • has a network of nearly fifty branches across Great Britain and Ireland, offering playing opportunities to all abilities. All branches are entitled to a subsidised visit each year from a visiting conductor with extensive experience of conducting recorder ensembles. Branches can share their music libraries and manage them on-line. 
  • enables members to keep in touch with the wider recorder community and allows them to promote their own activities via the monthly e-newsletter
  • is a major supporter of The Recorder Magazine, which all members receive quarterly
  • champions new works for the recorder, providing financial support for compositions and regularly commissioning new works for ensemble from composers such as Jonathan Dove , Bob Chilcott and Gavin Bryars
  • is committed to promoting the recorder at all levels, providing assistance and opportunities for amateur players to participate in workshops, playing days and educational activities.
  • holds an annual Festival of Recorder Playing in a different part of the British Isles each year.
  • Promotes recorder excellence with competitions for young players and young composers, as well as for composers of any age.
  • makes financial awards to young players and their activities. The SRP has provided regular support to National Youth Recorder Orchestras and is proud to have assisted  young professionals such as recent BBC Young Musician of the Year finalists Sophie Westbrooke and Charlotte Barbour Condini in their early careers.
  • maintains this website, with information about the recorder , answers to your questions on a Frequently Asked Questions page, links to educational resources and the wider recorder community, and news of events in the recorder world


Last updated 10 March 2024