Essex Branch


Director: Madeline Seviour

The recorder is an ideal instrument for late starters and those returning to music making.   Essex branch’s friendly and enthusiastic group of some 30 members looks forward to welcoming you.

We have players of all standards in the group; you need to be able to read music but for those who are new to the recorder or returning to music after a break there are plenty of experienced players to offer support and encouragement.   Bring your recorder and a music stand if you have one; all music will be provided.   There is a charge of £5 for visitors.

Our meetings are based on ensemble playing, and each month our conductors guide us through a variety of music from the 16th to the 21st century.   It’s not just descants, we play everything from sopranino to great bass.   Less experienced players might like to try the tenor.   It’s the same fingering as the descant and being in the middle of the range players feel less exposed than when they are on the top descant line!   Any ensemble group needs more players on lower instruments so we encourage members to try other sizes of recorder as they progress, making the group more versatile. 

There may be music stands and tenor recorders available to borrow, and the branch also has a bass recorder which members may be able to borrow occasionally.

As well as meetings led by our regular conductors, we visit Ingatestone Hall in the summer to play in the Long Gallery for visitors to the house, we invite a visiting conductor each year and usually organise a day course or playing day.

For more information contact the secretary Caroline Saul, at Email  (essexatsrpdotorgdotuk)   or 01371 873211 



                                                                             Ingatestone 2014 D

Ingatestone 2014 C                                                                                 Ingatestone 2014 A


In July 2014 members of the branch played pieces on the theme of war and peace at Ingatestone Hall as part of the Brentwood Arts Festival.


Last updated September 19, 2014