Suffolk Branch Programme


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Spring 2015

21st February


 Moira Usher  
Gabrieli 2 Canzonas SATB CRCS223
Challinger Mirror Ball SATSAB Oriel
Thorn English Folk Songs SAT/TBGb

21st March


Moira Usher
Byrd Resurrexi AATTB comp set
Handel Concerto SATB Oriel
Trad arr. Rutter Dashing Away with The Smoothing Iron SATTB comp set
Stone Bos’n Rag SATB  

25th April



Evelyn Nallen
Evelyn is a professional recorder player, teacher and the conductor of Zero Gravity, the Cambridge Recorder Band. She will bring her own choice of music.

Dates for the rest of 2015

May 16  
June 20  
July 18  
Sep 26 Playing Day with Helen Hooker
Oct 17  
Nov 21  
Dec 19  
picture of meeting
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