One Annual Subscription:

Full membership: £100.00   Student Visitor £2.50 per session. Visitor: £5.00 per session.

Annual membership starts in September and includes:

  • Gift_Aid_DeclarationMembership of the Society of Recorder Players
  • 30 sessions of conducted music making
  • Four copies of the Recorder Magazine
  • The opportunity to play the larger instruments of the recorder family (at the discretion of the Branch)
  • The opportunity to attend a local playing day and workshop
  • Access to the SRP Cambridge music library 

At present you can pay the branch treasurer directly by cheque or cash when you attend a meeting. Please also complete the membership form

If you are interested in Gift Aid please also complete this form and send it in with your membership form. Gift_Aid_Declaration

It is possible to pay in three termly instalments, but the first instalment must include the annual SRP membership of £25.00. 

Last updated 23 May 2024