Conductor: David Moses

Fishtails, Nubbins & Sad Meg: D. Moses   SATB

Veni Virgo Beatissima, from the Montpellier Codex 1250-1300 (Anon) SATB

J’ay Prins Amour: Dijon Chansonnier Anon C15th SATB

Caribbean Folk Songs: arr D. Moses  SATB

Pick it in G:  arr D. Moses   SSATB GB/CB

Two Motets/ Thomas Tallis: arr A Marshall    SATTB

The Storyteller:   D. Moses  SATB

Bolivian Bolero:  D. Moses  SATTBGB/CB

Cockney Classics:  arr D. Moses  SATB

Conductor: Andrew Challinger

Challinger – Spring Dance
Vaughan Williams – Folk Song Suite
Dowland/Melville – Lachrimae Tango
Frababosco II – Fantasias
Music by Byrd and Palestrina from Moira Usher’s unbarred collection
Ivan Moseley – Paso Doble
Thorby – Irish Suite

Conductor: David Burgess
Six more Scottish Island tunes
Two interesting arrangements of Scarborough Fair
Dances from Music for the Royal Fireworks
Pictures from an Exhibition (if there are sufficient numbers, as it’s in 10 parts!
Northumberland Suite
Conductor: Helen Hooker
Organ Fugue in G               JS  Albrechtsberger
In dulci jubilo                       D Buxtehude
Hodie Christus natus est       W Byrd 
Conductor: Julia McKinley

Lullaby My Sweet little Baby Byrd,    arr. M Steele      SAATB
We Three Kings of Orient Are,    B. Pennick      SSAATTBGb
Wassail Song of Gloucestershire      SAATB
A Midwinter Carol      ATBGb
Yuletide from Midwinter Miniatures,    Judith Bush      SAT
Winter from Four Seasonal Sketches,    Steve Marshall      D Tr T1T2 B1 B2
Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana Mascagni,    arr. M Steel       S A1 A2 T1 T2 T3 B1 B2 Gb

Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Challinger:     Masquing       SATB with divisions. Contrabass if possible
Vaughan Williams:   Folk Song Suite       SopSSAAATTBgBcB
Melville:    Lachrimae Tango         SATTB/TBBgBcB
Ferrabosco:    4 Fantasias      SATB
Moseley:     Pasadoble       SATB

Conductor: Julie Dean
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Challinger:        Tasty Trifles                 SAATB

Challinger:        Still Waters                  AATTBBgBcB

Passereau:         Il est bel et Bon           AATB

Moseley:          Paso Doble                    SATB

Gabrieli:           Canzon Septimi Toni   SATB x 2

Conductor: Harriet Oliver

Adriano Banchieri:  L’Ardina   SATB

William Byrd:  Pavan and Galliard   SSATBB

Dietrich Schnabel:  Andante sostenuto & Allegro vivo   SAATB (CB)

Lance Eccles:  Eight Quartets on ‘The Bird Fancyer’s Delight’   SATB

John Hawkes: Suite Pastorale  SATB

Conductor: Moira Usher ( Playing Day )

Arrive by 09:30 for a 10:00 start
Per Steph’s note, Moira says “for those pieces that appear to have no descant parts, I’ve written out the first treble part and put it down an octave so that the descant players can play it, though it will obviously be low on the instrument.

10:00 – 11:15
Paisible:       Sonata for 4 “flutes” and bass         AAAAB, A1 can be descant, A2 & A4 will fit on a tenor, but with top B’s regularly.
Corelli:        Concerto Grosso Op6 No 3             SATBGb (opt CB)


11:45 – 13:00
Hall:             Three Jazzy Quartets                       SATB
Anderson:    Summer Skies                                  ATTBGb


14:00 – 15:15
                      2 unbarred Renaissance pieces      SATTB


15:45 – 17:00
Snyder:         The Sheik of Araby                       SAATTBGb/Cb
Offenbach:   Can-Can                                         SAATB

Conductor: Ian Wilson

Ian has sent us the following as a taster and I have added is comment after, regarding what else he might try!

Purcell                     Chacony in G Minor
Vaughan Williams   English Folk Songs
Rosin                       Double Pleasure and Full House
Ian Wilson.              Bonny Jean & The Braes o Tulimet
Fricker.                    Suite for recorders
Peter Phillips.          Pavan & Galliard Dolorosa
Ammerbach            Dance Suite
Andrew Charlton    Bouquet of Fancies
And more… I’ll be able to gauge where we’re at and choose the right music to engage with


Conductor: Andrew Challenger
Pas de Six (New, never Played) Challenger SSAATB
Orkney Suite Trad/Challinger SATB
Hebridean  Bonsor arr Burgess SAATTBBGbCb
Farewell to Stromness Max Davies SAATTBBGbCb
West Country Suite Trad/Silcocks SATB
In Sherwood Forest Harvey SATB
Il est Bel et Bon Passereau AATB
Conductor: David Burgess
Conductor: David Moses

This meeting was cancelled due to a positive Covid Case in the venue.

Fishtails, Nubbins and Sad Meg SATB David Moses
Moulins de Paris – C13th SATB arr David Moses
Lazy Maisie – 1940’s Swing SATB David Moses
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik SATB W A Mozart
The Storyteller SATB David Moses
Phrygian Fandango SATB David Moses
Conductor: Andrew Challinger

Andrew was unable to conduct the meeting due to illness.  The branch led themselves with an afternoon of seasonal musical offerings.

  • The first Saturday in December, the 4th, is booked for a wedding at the venue.
Samburu Samba SATB Hilling
In Sherwood Forest SATB Harvey
Music from Savoy Operas SATTB Sullivan
English Folk Song Suite SopSSAAATTBgBcB Vaughan Williams
Lachrimae Tango SATTTBBBgBcB Dowland/Melville
Angelus ad pastores ait SSAAATTTTBBgB G Gabrieli
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Sambura Samba Hilling SATB
Country Dance Tunes Set 2 Anon/Challinger SAAT
Music from Savoy Operas Sullivan SAATB
In Sherwood Forest Harvey SATB
Two Dutch Songs Clark SATB
Spring Dance Challenger SATB
Conductor: Julia McKinley
Purcell Suite arr H Hooker SATBGbCb

Midwinter Minatures (Winner of SRP Composers Competition)

Judith Bush SATB
Little Suite (Runner-Up of SRP Composers Competition) Rosemary Robinson SATB
Blaze Away Abe Holzmann arr J Kitcher SAATTBGb
Five Senses (3rd place in SRP Composers Competition) Marg Hall SAATTB
Conductor: Harriet Oliver
Canzona a 11 Juan de Araujo – a South American Renaissance piece in three choirs SAT/SATB/TBGbCb
Ego Flos Campi Clemens non Papa SSATTBB
St Thomas Sonny Rollins arr D Moses SAATBGbCb
Feathered Folk Judith Bush SAATB

Conductor: Enid Holmes
Sonatella Bertali
French Nursery Rhymes Marshall
German Suite Silcocks
Jubilate Haydn
Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend Syne
Conductor: Alyson Lewin
Roses by the River

commissioned by SRP Ireland for 

their 50th anniversary

The Entertainer Scott Joplin SopSAATTB
Two Cuckoo Songs arranged by Marion Panzetta


and some other pieces suitable for the upcoming Royal celebrations!

Conductor: Michelle Holloway – Playing Day

Further Details and Application Form

SRP Playing Day 2022 Michelle Holloway

Conductor: Jackey Birch


Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Challinger no. 3 from 5 Sketches SATB
Palestrina Exultate Deo SATTB
Gabrieli Canzona XIII in 12 parts 3 x SATB
Sullivan Dances from Savoy operas  

Sousa (and perhaps Teike)

Conductor: David Moses
Blue Ridge and Rocky Shore traditional Canadian folk songs arr. DM
Bolivian Bolero Bolivian/Hispanic fusion music – DM 
Dark Eyed Grecian Beauties traditional Greek songs arr. DM 
Jonesville Jump – 1940s big band swing Tony Dorsey arr. DM 
Moulins de Paris – C13th Anon 
Waltz for a Quadruped DM
Conductor: Norma Herdson
Fare Thee well from ‘Jesu Meine Freude’ J S Bach AATB OL 187
Esurientes from Magnificat J S Bach SATB  
The Rabbi’s Pupil   SSAATTBBGbCb  
Seis Danzas Cubanas I Cervantes Arr C May    
Conductor: Norma Herdson
A Christmas Carol for recorders and recorder sextet S Marshall
A selection of traditional carols in old and new arrangements  
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Irish Suite (SATB) Philip Thorby
Exultate Deo (SATTB) – unbarred Palestrina
Angelus ad Pastores (SSAAATTTTBBgB) Gabrieli
O Magnum Mysterium (SSSATTB) Gabrieli
O Che Felice Giorno (SSAATTBB) Gabrieli
Two Occasional Pieces (SopSSAATTBgBcB)* Challinger

*New version never played before. I made it for the October Recorder Festival but wasn’t able to include it then.

*This meeting has been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions*
Conductor: Michelle Holloway

La Battaglia – Score on IMSLP

Adriano Banchiere SATB/SATB (doubled at the octave)
“Gopak” from Sorochintsy Fair  M. Mussorgsky, arr. Paul Clark SopDAATTBGb
Lay A Garland   R. Pearsall


A String of Pearls  J. Gray, arr. P Leenhouts AATTB ( Cb )
Conductor: Harriet Oliver

Silver Strands 

John Hawkes  SSAATB
Canzon Decima Ottava a 8  Giovanni Picchi  SATB x2
Avon Valley Suite  Rosemary Robinson  SATBGB
Bardi’s Dream  Benjamin Thorn  AATTB
Quattro Fontane Triste et Giocoso  Bjorn Hagvall  SATB
Conductor: Christopher Burgess
English Folk Songs Eccles TTTTB
Parties sur les fleut doux á3 Faber ATB
The Dalmatian Shepherd Boy  Gotovac SATB
The Unicorn’s Grace Staeps SATB div
Three Dances  Challinger AATTBB
Conductor: Jackey Birch
The Ghost  Byrd SATB
Four Pieces  Macdowell SATB

Buddy can you spare me a fugue 

Watkins  SATB
Ain’t Misbehavin   SATB
Singing in the Rain   SATB
Playing Day with Ann and Steve Marshall
Fair’s Fair  
Jagdlied  Mendelssohn 
Lachrimae Tango  
Pavanne Op 590 Faure
Seven Monmouth Miniatures  
Water Music Suite  Handel

Details and Application Form

Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Challinger Still Water AATTBBgBcB
Challinger Two Fizzles – March Past and Fiesta SopSSAATTBgBcB
Victoria Marian Antiphons SAATB
Byrd: Ye Sacred Muses SAATB
Palestrina Exultate Deo SAATB
Canali La Balzana SAATB x 2


Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Byrd Two Fantasias LPM EM10
Bach Fugue in D minor from The Art of Fugue Oriel 146
Victoria Laudate pueri Dominum Oriel 224
Raymond Harvey Robin Hood Suite (in Sherwood Forest) Fireworks Music
Challinger Mirror Ball Montem
Viadana La Bergamasca LMP VM20
Conductor: David Moses
Dune Tune Moses
C17 Irish Harp Tunes O Carolan and O Cathain
Bal au Bassin Moses
Nagasaki 1920’s Jazz
Douce Dame Julie Guillaume de Machaut
A Collection of Sailor Songs  
Conductors: Steve and Ann Marshall
Intrada Melchior Franck
Canzona Adriano Banchieri
All OK Blues Schwertberger
Freitjes Glen Shannon
Conductor: Caroline Jones

Further details to follow

Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Raymond Harvey Robin Hood Suite SATB
Victoria Laudate pueri Dominum SATB/ATTB
H. Praetorius Two Christmas Hymns SSAT/ATBB
Malcolm Arnold Two Cornish Dances SSAATTBBgBcB
G. Gabrieli Angelus ad Pastores SSAATB/ATTBBgB
Jacob Handl (Gallus) Laudate Dominum SSAATTBB/SSAATTBB(!)
Conductor: Judith Schmidt
Francesco Guerrero Per Signum Crucis SATB
Giovanni Gabrieli Lieto godea SATB/SATB LPM
Haydn Feld Parthie Hawthorns
Brian Bonsor The 17th’s Farewell to Alva  
arr. Larry Bernstein Bergamasca  
Conductor: Norma Herdson
Michael Copley [SRP Magazine] Macedonian Gypsy Dance SATB
Marg Hall Klezmer Collection SATB
Handel arr. Alex Ayre Concerto Grosso AAAATB
Souza The Gladiator (Oriel 237) SA+sopTTB
Andrew Charlton Barbershop Recorder Quartet SATB
arr. D. Bloodworth Chaconne from ‘Dioclesian’ AATTB
Anon arr. Dom G. Murray 2 Elizabethan Quintets SAATB
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Challinger Spring Dance SATB
Shostakovich Waltz from Jazz Suite S/AAATB
Viadana La Padovana SATB x2
Gibbons Fantasias 5 and 6 SSATTB
Ferrabosco II 3 Fantasias SATB
Haydn Feld-Parthie SATBB
Conductor: Norma Herdson
Purcell Two Hornpipes
Handel Concerto Grosso Continued
Marg Hall Klezmer Collection
Souza The Gladiator
Bramieri & Gabrieli Canzons at 8ft so big basses please!
Conductor: Helen Hooker

Details & Application Form

Byrd Earl of Salisbury’s Pavan
Grillo Canzon Quartadecima
Avison Concerto in G
Bach Esurientes from Magnificat
Marshall Hansel and Gretel
Stieneke Kamps Dutch Folk Songs
Conductor: Harriet Oliver
arr Steve Marshall Variations on ‘A Chantar’
Giovanni Gabrieli Cantate Domino
Rosemary Robinson The Hayes Suite
Bjorn Hagvall Heavy Wood
Antonio Bertali Sonatella


Conductor: Jackey Birch
Playford Arrangements A + S Marshall
Four Pieces Thomas Ravenscroft
Samburu Samba Lyndon Hilling
Brigg Fair Sheila Richards
More for Four Marg Hall
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Ballad, Blues and Riffs SS/AATB Challinger
Three Miniatures SS/AATB Challinger
Country Dance Tunes Set Two   Arr. Challinger
Tig! SAT Bonsor
Canzon Duodecimi Toni SATB/gB x 2 Hassler
Conductor: Moira Usher
Fugue in C SATB (warm up piece) Albrechtsburger
Magnificat ATTB / BGbGbCb (ie doubled at the octave) Agricola
Intrada, Song and Dance SATB Short
Baby Elephant March SATBGbCb Mancini
Conductor: Judith Schmidt
Psallite unigenito (Singt und Klingt) Michael Praetorius
In Dulci Jubilo Robert Pearsall
Hodie Christus Natus Est Poulenc
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Tchaikovsky arr A. Marshall
Gaudete! Christus est natus Trad
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Ic Draghe de Mutse Clutse SATB Obrecht
In Dulci Jubilo SATB x 2 Praetorius
In Dulci Jubilo SSAT/TTBB Scheidt
O Magnum Mysterium SATB/ATTB Gabrielli
Farewell to Stromness SAATTBBgBcB Peter Maxwell Davis
Variations on a Seasonal Theme SATB Moseley
Conductor: Norma Herdson
Hillfoots Suite SAATTBGbCb Marg Hall
Dances from Terpsichore SATB
(please have both C and F instruments if possible)
Michael Praetorius
Old Comrades March SAA/TTB C Teike
Klezmer Collection SATB Marg Hall
Quartet in G minor
see www.harmermusic.com
SATB GP Telemann
Tango   Albeniz, arr. A.Hart
Conductor: Jackey Birch
Spanish Airs and Dances Gaspar Sanz
Packington’s Pownde arr Paul Clarke
Try it with Gershwin  
Circus Suite Stephen Watkins
and other items!  
Conductor: Norma Herdson
Klezmer Collection Marg Hall
Concerto Grosso Op 6 No 3
(Larghetto, Andante, Allegro ma non troppo)
The Liberty Bell J P Sousa
Some Gilbert and Sullivan  
Conductor: Christopher Burgess
Nunc Dimittis for 2 choirs
(Gb and Cb optional)
Sinfonietta for 3 choirs
(Gb and Cb optional)
Steve Marshall
Mirrorball Andrew Challinger
Quartet pieces Walter Leigh
Bevin’s 3 part arrangement of Browning  
Conductor: Andrew Challinger

Further Details

Chi vuol veder SATB/ATTB Hassler Hawthorn’s
Zadok, the Priest SAT/AATBgB/AAAATBB Handel arr. Ayre Ayre
Masquing SATB with divisions Challinger Montem
A la Bataglia ATTB Isaac LPM
Three-part consort music   Byrd LPM
Two fugues SATB Haydn Oriel
Prelude SAB Zimmermann Montem
Conductor: Harriet Oliver
Christ ist erstanden SATTB Heinrich Finck
Ajo oloyin SSAATTBBCB Soren Sieg
A Song for St Celia’s Day SAATTB William Hayes
Ave Maria for double choir SATB/ATTB Gustav Holst
Take 8 SAATTBGBCB Marg Hall


Conductor: Alyson Lewin
Blow Overture to Venus and Adonis
William Mundy Fantasia in 5 parts
A. Lewin Twixt Trent and Severn
A. Lewin Kerry’s Blues
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Challinger Diversion SSA (+ TTB) Montem
Gershwin arr. Harvey Suite SATBgB Montem
Victoria Laudate pueri Dominum SATB/ATTB Oriel
Andrea Gabrieli Four Madrigals SSATTB Oriel
Andrea Gabrieli: Aria della Battaglia SSAATTBB Oriel
Conductor: Norma Herdson
Paul Clark Norfolk Notebook SAATTB Contra ad lib
Handel Two orchestral fugues SATB
Byrd and Playford Will you go walk the woods so wild (2 versions) SATTB
Gabrieli Chiar’ Angioletta SATB x2
Mancini arr Paul Clark Moon River SAATBB
Conductor: Norma Herdson
Steve Marshall Christmas Carol—readings interspersed with carols
Traditional 4 part carols
Gabrielli 8 parts
Other Christmas Offerings
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Andrea Gabrieli Aria della Battaglia SSAATTBB Oriel
Sasha Johnson Manning Wolf Suite Sop.SSAATTBgBcB Hawthorns
Clemens (non Papa) two Boozy songs    
two Boozy songs In Dulci Jubilo    
Scheidt In Dulci Jubilo    
G. Gabrieli O Magnum Mysterium    
Conductor: Martin Ham
Clemens non Papa Ego flos campi DDTrTTBB
Lassus Deficiat in dolore DDTrTTB
Bach Der Geist hilft DTrTBx2
Fiocco Allegro DTrTB
Grieg Melody from op.34 DTrTrTBB&/or GB
Conductor: Jackey Birch
Sellengers Round arr Sue Handscombe
Over The Sea Sue Handscombe
Five Fine Welsh Tunes Marg Hall
Sailors Hornpipe Paul Richards
Conductor: Harriet Oliver
O Primavera Claudio Monteverdi
Autumn Tapestry John Hawkes
The Foggy Dew Pieter Campo
Conductor: Sheila Richards
Phantasia Wigthorpe
Geminiani Concerto Op3/3
Martin Come to the Fair
arr Richards She Moves Through the Fair
Sousa Circus Galop
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Sacha Johnson Manning Wolf Suite – revived from January needs gB and cB
G. Gabrieli Canzon 9 SSAATTTB
Agostino Soderino L’Angelina SATB x 2
Hans-Leo Hassler Canzon Duodecima Toni SATB x2
Arr. Clark Two Dutch Songs SATB
Challinger Three Dances AATTBB
Challinger Third Suite SSAT + Piano


Conductor: Jackey Birch
Further Details to Follow
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Gabrieli 4 Canzonas in four parts OL217
Gabrieli 2 Canzonas in eight parts OL155
Eileen Silcocks West Country Suite OL234
Ivan Moseley Pasodoble OL148
Kerry Mills Whistling Rufus Out of Print
Conductor: Norma Herdson
Lance Eccles Polska SATB OMP 139
Lyndon Hilling Fox Trot SATB OL 120
Scott Joplin Bethena SATB arr. Chris May
Henry Mancini Moon River SAATBB arr. Paul Clark
Orlando Gibbons O Clap your hands SAAATTBB OL 186
Tchaikovsky Suite no. 2 from Album for the Young SATTB arr. Denis Bloodworth
Conductor: Graham Danbury
Grieg The Last Spring
SS Wesley 2 Anthems
Purcell Thou Knowest Lord
Handel Air and Final Chorus from Samson
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Anon The Water is Wide SATB
Arr Thorby Irish Suite SATB
Gabrieli Canzon Septimi Toni SATB
Gabrieli O Che Felice Giorno SATB
Challinger Patchwork (first British outing) SATB x2
Conductor: Norma Herdson
A Holborne Pavans and Galliards
Dennis Bamforth Shetland Suite
G F Handel Two Orchestral Fugues
W Rimmer Slaidburn
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Further details to follow
Conductor: Harriet Oliver
William Billings Easter Anthem SATB
Orlando de Lassus Tristus est animas Mea SATTB
Giovanni Priuli Adoramus Te Christie SATBx2
Glen Shannon Suspicion SopSATGbCb
Conductor: Pam Smith
Further details to follow
Conductor: John Hawkes

Details and application form

Palestrina 2 Ricercare SATB
Allegri Suite in 6 parts SSATTB
Handel Water Music Suites 1 and 2 SSATB
Mozart Non Piu Andrai SAATB
  Pavane S/SP SAATB
Sherwin A Nightingale Sang in Berkely Square SATTB
Eccles Nuclear Cloud + Blue Neon SAATB + SATTB
Hawkes Silver Suite SSATB
Conductor: Enid Holmes
Further details to follow
Last updated 21 August 2023