!!! We’re back at Stubbings in the Soltau Centre from November, starting at 13:30 (1.30pm) !!!
Please note our revised meeting times for the winter months. In November, December, January, February and March we meet from 1:30 – 4:00.




Conductor: Harriet Oliver

The hall is open from 2pm, we’ll  start at 2.30 and finish at 5pm

Battaglia a 8 Andrea Gabrieli SS AA TTT B
Bouree d’Anvers Pieter Campo S A T BB CB
Los Angeles Alan Rosenheck S A TT B/CB
Hark the Birds Melodious Sing Thomas Linley AA T B GB
Bobby Shaftoe’s All at Sea Ken Garfield SS AA T B
Conductor: Enid Holmes

The hall is open from 2pm, we’ll  start at 2.30 and finish at 5pm. If you have larger instruments, please bring them. Enid has additional music should we whip through the following.

Two Fantasias Banchieri S A T B
Two sea songs from ‘A Girl in Every Port’ Lewin S A TT B
Jauchzet den Herrn Schutz 2 choirs
Teddy Bear’s Picnic Bratton

Sop S A T B

A Nightingale Sang Sherwin



Conductor: David Burgess

This session will be preceded by the AGM. Tea helpers: Angela Hasler and Dorothy Drew

Three Hungarian Folksongs Matyas Seiber SS AA TT B GB CB
Fantasia on Two Folksongs Stanley Taylor S A T B
The 17th’s Farewell to Alva Brian Bonsor SS AA TT BB GB CB
Movements from The Water Music Handel


The Last Spring Grieg


Conductor: David Burgess

Tea helpers: Caroline Fulton and Liz Thorpe

As it is the ‘Christmas session’ and keeping to the theme of surprises, here’s a wee taster of what to expect … David will lead us, playing some Carols from around the world, an interesting arrangement of ‘God rest you, merry gentlemen’ and ‘Carol of the Bells’ – amongst other things! See you there.

Conductor: Andrew Challinger

Tea helpers: Dorothy Dew and Jill Haslam

Victoria Dixit Dominus  SATB x2
Hassles Canzon duodecimi toni  SATB x2
Weelkes I heard a voice SATB (no bar lines) 🎉
Challinger Mirror Ball SAT/SAB, optional GB and Contra
Conductor: Julia McKinley

Tea helpers: Chris Foote and Julie Veazey

Midwinter Miniatures Judith Bush S A T B
Journey to Skye Anne Martin


optional easier S3 or A3

Thou Soft Flowing Avon T Arne arr. A Knight S A T B +CB
“Hast to the wedding” and “In Winchester was a wedding” Traditional, arr. Michael Graham S A T B +GB
Bicester blues Ann Marshall S A T B + CB on bass
Conductor: Andrew Challinger

Tea helpers: Martin Whittaker and Linda Dorman

Conductor: Lyndon Hilling

Tea helpers: Jim Grant and Helen Lunn

Conductor: David Moses

Tea helpers: Elizabeth Powell and Muriel Pepler


Conductor: Sophie Middleditch

Tea helpers: Gillian Cooke and David Winter



Last updated 23 January 2024