Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Challinger no. 3 from 5 Sketches SATB
Palestrina Exultate Deo SATTB
Gabrieli Canzona XIII in 12 parts 3 x SATB
Sullivan Dances from Savoy operas  

Sousa (and perhaps Teike)

Conductor: David Moses
Blue Ridge and Rocky Shore traditional Canadian folk songs arr. DM
Bolivian Bolero Bolivian/Hispanic fusion music – DM 
Dark Eyed Grecian Beauties traditional Greek songs arr. DM 
Jonesville Jump – 1940s big band swing Tony Dorsey arr. DM 
Moulins de Paris – C13th Anon 
Waltz for a Quadruped DM
Conductor: Norma Herdson
Fare Thee well from ‘Jesu Meine Freude’ J S Bach AATB OL 187
Esurientes from Magnificat J S Bach SATB  
The Rabbi’s Pupil   SSAATTBBGbCb  
Seis Danzas Cubanas I Cervantes Arr C May    
Conductor: Norma Herdson
A Christmas Carol for recorders and recorder sextet S Marshall
A selection of traditional carols in old and new arrangements  
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Irish Suite (SATB) Philip Thorby
Exultate Deo (SATTB) – unbarred Palestrina
Angelus ad Pastores (SSAAATTTTBBgB) Gabrieli
O Magnum Mysterium (SSSATTB) Gabrieli
O Che Felice Giorno (SSAATTBB) Gabrieli
Two Occasional Pieces (SopSSAATTBgBcB)* Challinger

*New version never played before. I made it for the October Recorder Festival but wasn’t able to include it then.

Conductor: Michelle Holloway

La Battaglia – Score on IMSLP

Adriano Banchiere SATB/SATB (doubled at the octave)
“Gopak” from Sorochintsy Fair  M. Mussorgsky, arr. Paul Clark SopDAATTBGb
Lay A Garland   R. Pearsall


A String of Pearls  J. Gray, arr. P Leenhouts AATTB ( Cb )
Conductor: Harriet Oliver

Further details to follow

Conductor: Christopher Burgess

Further details to follow

Conductor: Jackey Birch

Further details to follow

A Marshall Playday

Further details to follow

Conductor: Andrew Challinger

Further details to follow

Last updated 18 January 2019