Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Challinger no. 3 from 5 Sketches SATB
Palestrina Exultate Deo SATTB
Gabrieli Canzona XIII in 12 parts 3 x SATB
Sullivan Dances from Savoy operas  

Sousa (and perhaps Teike)

Conductor: David Moses
Blue Ridge and Rocky Shore traditional Canadian folk songs arr. DM
Bolivian Bolero Bolivian/Hispanic fusion music – DM 
Dark Eyed Grecian Beauties traditional Greek songs arr. DM 
Jonesville Jump – 1940s big band swing Tony Dorsey arr. DM 
Moulins de Paris – C13th Anon 
Waltz for a Quadruped DM
Conductor: Norma Herdson
Fare Thee well from ‘Jesu Meine Freude’ J S Bach AATB OL 187
Esurientes from Magnificat J S Bach SATB  
The Rabbi’s Pupil   SSAATTBBGbCb  
Seis Danzas Cubanas I Cervantes Arr C May    
Conductor: Norma Herdson
A Christmas Carol for recorders and recorder sextet S Marshall
A selection of traditional carols in old and new arrangements  
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Irish Suite (SATB) Philip Thorby
Exultate Deo (SATTB) – unbarred Palestrina
Angelus ad Pastores (SSAAATTTTBBgB) Gabrieli
O Magnum Mysterium (SSSATTB) Gabrieli
O Che Felice Giorno (SSAATTBB) Gabrieli
Two Occasional Pieces (SopSSAATTBgBcB)* Challinger

*New version never played before. I made it for the October Recorder Festival but wasn’t able to include it then.

*This meeting has been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions*
Conductor: Michelle Holloway

La Battaglia – Score on IMSLP

Adriano Banchiere SATB/SATB (doubled at the octave)
“Gopak” from Sorochintsy Fair  M. Mussorgsky, arr. Paul Clark SopDAATTBGb
Lay A Garland   R. Pearsall


A String of Pearls  J. Gray, arr. P Leenhouts AATTB ( Cb )
Conductor: Harriet Oliver

Silver Strands 

John Hawkes  SSAATB
Canzon Decima Ottava a 8  Giovanni Picchi  SATB x2
Avon Valley Suite  Rosemary Robinson  SATBGB
Bardi’s Dream  Benjamin Thorn  AATTB
Quattro Fontane Triste et Giocoso  Bjorn Hagvall  SATB
Conductor: Christopher Burgess
English Folk Songs Eccles TTTTB
Parties sur les fleut doux á3 Faber ATB
The Dalmatian Shepherd Boy  Gotovac SATB
The Unicorn’s Grace Staeps SATB div
Three Dances  Challinger AATTBB
Conductor: Jackey Birch
 The Ghost  Byrd SATB
Four Pieces  Macdowell SATB

Buddy can you spare me a fugue 

Watkins  SATB
Ain’t Misbehavin   SATB
Singing in the Rain   SATB
Playing Day with Ann and Steve Marshall
Fair’s Fair  
Jagdlied  Mendelssohn 
Lachrimae Tango  
Pavanne Op 590 Faure
Seven Monmouth Miniatures  
Water Music Suite  Handel

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Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Challinger Still Water AATTBBgBcB
Challinger: Two Fizzles – March Past and Fiesta SopSSAATTBgBcB
Victoria: Marian Antiphons SAATB
Byrd: Ye Sacred Muses SAATB
Palestrina Exultate Deo SAATB
Canali La Balzana SAATB x 2


Conductor: Harriet Oliver
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Conductor: David Moses
Conductor: Jackey Birch
Conductor: Brian Blood
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Conductor: Julie Dean
Conductor: John Hawkes
Conductor: Andrew Challinger
Conductor: Emma Murphy – Playing Day
Conductor: Michelle Holloway
Last updated 9 June 2019