Our next meetings will take place on May 5th, June 9th and July 7th with the following programme:

June 3rd at Ingatestone Hall
Brunelli Ballo SSATB LPM EML322
Corelli Sonata a Quattro AATB ms
Elgar, arr. Bloodworth Pola-Helcia SAATTB Peacock press P394
Byrd The Carman’s Whistle AATB Oriel OL107
Pennick The Cuckoo is a Pretty Bird SopSATB Hawthorns RA72

June 9th

Ward                  Fantasia No. 10 a.5                          SSATB         Alex Ayre

Wesley              The Lord hath been mindful of us    ATBGb        ms

Gershwin/Evry Summertime                                     SATB           Choice

Sousa                Liberty Bell                                       SAATB        Oriel

Marg Hall         Magazine insert                                SATB

July 7th
Mundy & White 2 Elizabethan Fancies ATTBB Oriel JC210
Purcell Sound the Trumpet SSATTB Peacock Press
Harvey Suite of Essex Folksongs SATBGb ms
Gershwin/Evry Summertime SATB Choice
Summer magazine insert

On June 3rd we will have our annual performance at Ingatestone Hall

Last updated June 3, 2018