Multi-Choir Playing Day

Sat 02Mar2019

A day of multi-choir playing with Helen Hooker and Steve Marshall

Aston Village Hall, New Park Lane, Aston, Herts. SG2 7DY

10.30am - 4.30pm

£12, including refreshments (but bring your own lunch). Places are still available.

Helen and Steve are both very fond of multi-choir music, and have a large repertoire of multi-choir pieces, from several centuries, which they are just itching to share with you. The day is aimed at SRP players, but anyone of moderate playing standard is very welcome.

Much of the music includes parts for big basses. But there are some that do not, so players of big basses (who are most welcome of course) will need to bring something smaller as well.

We have chosen the date rather cunningly, because it is the day before a session, at the same venue, of Helen's eight-foot band - the Mellow Tones Recorder Orchestra (more about this at Please contact Helen if you would like to attend that day.

Contact: / 01452 831654