Consort of 1 & Clare Goodall

Sun 30Jun2019

Firestarter - John Ball and the Great Revolt

Finchingfield Guildhall, Church Hill, Finchingfield, CM7 4NN



£12; £8 conc.

A  collaborationbetween live-looping Medieval musician Lizzie Gutteridge (Consort of 1) and story teller Clare Goodall. Music from the 14th century provides the backdrop to the tale of the Great Revolt and radical preacher John Ball. Born near Colchester (maybe?), Ball preached in English (shocking!) and claimed that everyone was created equal (scandalous!!). He was excommunicated and would have languished in jail had he not been released by the Rebels as they took London, burnt the Savoy, and went on to parley with the King. The future hung in the balance...