Recorders: Dance & Sing Live (Upper Intermediate) Set 2

Tue 27Apr2021
Tue 25May2021

Three, fortnightly workshops, Tuesday evenings

online via Zoom

7.30 pm - 8.30 pm

  • 27th April: Dancla – Polonaise (treble)
  • 11th May: Couperin – Canaries & Double: Part 2 (intro to fuller French ornamentation & inegale) (descant/tenor)
  • 25th May: Quantz – Prelude (treble) 


  • 3 Sessions: choose just one, come for all three, or mix & match
  • 3 Objectives: lovely music, technical hints with effective practice methods, informed interpretation


  • Maximum class size: 12 (preferably 10, additional sessions will be arranged if sufficient demand)
  • Music sent out in advance (pdf’s), and recording of the workshop provided for participants use
  • Time allowed for individual questions, specific to the repertoire or more general

For more information and to book contact Mary by email