Zoom Recital by Flutter Duo

Sat 26Jun2021

Recital by Flutter Duo


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Eleanor Tomlinson and Helen Herbert are both graduates of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. They have a passion for chamber music and have enjoyed adapting to the task of online and virtual music-making. Performing highlights include the International Birmingham Early Music Festival, Amsterdam Conservatory, and concerts across the Midlands. Eleanor and Helen are currently working and studying in different countries (Helen in the Netherlands and Eleanor in the UK), so their recital is pre-recorded and multitracked, which has enabled them to play pieces in many different parts that they couldn't usually get to play! Although the music is pre-recorded, they will still attend the concert ‘live’ to talk about the pieces and answer questions. And they’ll have a play-along at the end and take questions.

Contact: / 02380781173