Articulation for Recorder and Flute Players presented by Polyphonica Recorder Trio

Sun 26Jun2022

Tonguing on the recorder and flute - tips, technique and fun exercises with historical background.

Online Zoom Meeting


3pm - 4pm

£10 payable on the Polyphonica Website (see below)

Have you ever wondered how to approach a piece of early music that has no articulation markings? Should we slur or tongue and in which context? What information can we take from the score that can help us decide?

This workshop aims to give you the means to make these decisions yourself, through an examination of historical sources, with simple practical exercises you can apply to any piece of music.

Participants will be emailed details of how to join the workshop upon purchase of a ticket. A worksheet will be emailed 2 weeks before the event.

Contact: / +44 07906653220