LA BELLA ITALIA & BACH, for lovers of 18th-century music.

Sun 13Nov2022

online workshop


7:45 pm - 9:15pm


Giuseppe Sammartini’s triosonate in F gives you instant happiness! Sparkling, lighthearted Allegro’s and a remarkable Adagio. Charles Burney wrote about G. Sammartini that his compositions were “full of science, originality and fire”.

Play the top part and let Tom & Joris accompany and guide you through this charming composition with some extra advice on articulation.

Also on the menu: one of the Goldberg variations by the great musical architect J.S. Bach in a version for three recorders. The top part is yours, Tom & Joris will play the lower voices and discuss playing styles of this absolute masterpiece.

Players upper intermediate to advanced
Alto recorder at 440 Hz

Contact: / 07855 460115