Articulation Mastery

Sun 19Nov2023

Online Recorder Workshop

Online Zoom Class

5pm - 7:30pm

£22 or £35 for two workshops

Join us for a special and insightful online articulation class on Sunday, November 19th, led by not one, but two esteemed teachers: Lobke Sprenkeling and Michael Piraner!

We’re thrilled to offer this unique joint class, combining two different perspectives on articulation to provide you with a comprehensive course.

Lobke has profoundly studied the relationship between airflow and tongue movement, addressing the issues of a slow or noisy tongue. On the other hand, Michael’s research delves into the connection beteen articulation and language.

Their combined expertise in this practical class will equip you with a variety of tools and solutions that can be immediately applied to your playing.

Additionally, we will provide guidance on incorporating different articulations into your musical pieces.

Contact: / 07906653220