Baroque Alchemy

Sat 23Mar2024

The extraordinary electro baroque fusion duo

World Heart Beat Embassy Gardens

3 Ponton Road, Nine Elms, London SW11 7BD

7.30pm - 9.30pm

£14 - £19.75

International recorder virtuoso Piers Adams and keyboardist Lyndy Mayle present the London debut of their extraordinary electro baroque fusion duo, Baroque Alchemy.

By replacing the familiar 'continuo' sound of the harpsichord with the universe of possibilities offered by modern-day synthesiser technology Piers and Lyndy are able to expand upon the dreams of composers of the past, re-imagining music ranging from mediaeval and baroque masters to modern day tango and jazz.

The scientific wizardry of the synth is balanced by the simplicity and natural expressive power of Piers's recorders, thereby creating a perfect blend of ancient and modern in a truly dazzling and moving performance.

Contact: / 020 4547 1075