Sheffield Branch: Recorder Maintenance Workshop

Sat 17Feb2024

Practical demonstration of issues of recorder voicing and maintenance

St John’s Church Hall, Sheffield

Abbeydale Road South, Sheffield S17 3LE

10:30 - 13:00


This presentation is for recorder players of all levels. It gives detail on what is meant by recorder ‘voicing’; demonstrates how sensitive the windway area is and how to identify changes in the sound that could be a result of windway changes.

The workshop includes a practical demonstration of the issues by making voicing adjustments to a recorder. Topics covered will include:
Recorder ‘voicing’
The windway
The recorder bore shape and its effect on tuning,
Typical signs of voicing problems, Simple things to do to care for your recorder,
Oiling recorders,
Question and answer session.

Contact: / 0730 525 4931