Fiatabec Recorder Orchestra’s 10 Year Celebrations in France

Mon 05 - Mon 12Aug2024

A full week of rehearsal and concerts in the Cévennes

Centre de séjours de Chausse

1 Chemin de Chausse, Col de la Bégude, 30530 CHAMBORIGAUD, France

€ 250 (meals only) to € 450 (full board)

The event is organised by Fiatabec, a French group interested in everything to do with recorder playing.

We’re inviting all recorder players, amateur or professional (with the exception of beginners) to join our recorder orchestra on a one-off basis to discover large ensemble playing, including the chance to play the biggest recorders: sub-bass in C and sub-counter-bass in F.

Three concerts in the region will round out the rehearsals – at Chausse, Alès and Durfort – in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of France's first recorder orchestra.

The orchestra’s repertoire varies from ancient music to new creations and popular works, many specially arranged and adapted by the conductor. Music will be sent out prior to the event so that you can make the most of the experience by preparing in advance.

The orchestra’s members come from many different backgrounds and cover a wide range of ages. Whilst many live in the cosmopolitan city of Strasbourg, some come from as far away as Dijon or Germany. When we get together, impromptu musical groups and lively conversation are almost as important to us as the music we make as an orchestra!

Contact: / +33(0)7 85 53 93 20