Conductor: Marguerite Dolmetsch
Conductor: Anne Martin – Autumn Playing Day
Conductor: Katriina Boosey
Conductor: Andrew Melville
Rhosymedre J D Edwards
Fiesta Latina Gerald Schwertberger
Baby Elephant Walk Henry Mancini
Rodrigo Overture Handel
Conductor: David Burgess
Conductor: Jackey Birch 


Jacques Moderne, arr by Brian Davey
Bear Dance trad, arr by David Moses
Fortune my Foe William Byrd, arr by Paul Clark
Spanish Airs and dances Gaspar Sanz, arr by Christopher Ball
Pakington’s Pownde arr by Paul Clark
Made in Wales trad arr by Steve Marshall
Ice Cream  
Conductor: Julie Dean

Abenlied, by Josef Reinberger

All arranged by Julie
Thule, the Period of Cosmography by Thomas Weelkes
Crucifixus a 10 by Lotti
O Virgo Splendens from The Red Book of Montserrat
Conductor: Harriet Oliver

Cantato Domino from Sacrae Symphonae

G Gabrielli
Selection form Stabat Mater P77 Pergolesi
Scarborough Fair Trad, arr Steve Marshall
Suspicion Glenn Shannon
Conductor: Tom Beets – May Play Day

Viri Galilaei/Ascendit Deus 

Mountain Music Glen Shannon
Conductor: David Moses
The Bear Dance  Anon C14th?
My Little Suede Shoes Charlie Parker
Veni Virgo Beatissima
(Montpellier codex 1250 -1300)
Bal Au Bassin
(a suite in 5 movements celebrating the social life of garden pond dwellers)
(a piece included in John Playford’s collection of Country Dances)

Nomads Land
(inspired by music from Northern Nigeria) 


It Never Entered My Mind Richard Rodgers
Two C17th Irish Harp tunes O Carolan  / O Cathain
Conductor: Anne Martin (+ AGM)

Suite a 3

Fricker  AAT  Schott
Fantasia a 6/1 F Byrd  SAATBB  (opt. GB) A.M. edit.
Sonata Schmelzer  SSATB Oriel
Tip-toe Thro’ the Tulips Dubin & Burke   SSA/T  EMI Recorder Poppets
Conductor: David Burgess
Conductor: Anne Martin – Autumn Playing Day

Cranmore School, Epsom Road, West Horsley, Surrey KT24 6AT

Folksongs, hymns & popular tunes in music to include:

Whittingham Fair  

arr. A.M. SSA  
The Leaves be Green  Woodcock  SAATB  LPM
Bonny Tyneside  Paul Clark SAATB  Oriel

Irish Suite

Philip Thorby SATB Oriel OL249
Rhosymedre    R. Vaughan Williams arr. P.Clark SATB Stainer & Bell
Fantasia a 6/2g Byrd A.M. edit. SSATBB   
Jeepers Creepers Warren arr. Bloodworth SAATTB opt.GB  
God be praised  Healey Willans arr. A.M. SSAATTBBGb opt.CB  
Conductor: Anne Martin

The Twelve Days of Christmas 

P. Richards  SATB  Willobie Press WP411
Der Engel sprach zu den Hirten  Schutz  SATTTBB  Hawthorns RA97
Sleigh Ride Leroy Anderson arr. A.M. SSAATB   
Conductor: Anne Martin
Sonata  Schmelzer  SSATB 


The Old Batchelor Purcell arr. Coles SATB  Peacock Press PEMS 027
A Swing in the Park Hilling SATB  Oriel 182
Conductor: Anne Martin
Scottish Dance Suite Marg Hall SATB 

Hawthorns RA 153

First Phantasia Wigthorpe  SSATB  Willobie Press 524
I love my love Holst  SSATB  ms
Conductor: Anne Martin
Spes Nostra  Osbert Parsley SATTB 

 Hawthorns RA 79

Moon River Mancini arr. Clark SAATB  Clark Collection Peacock Press CC 109
Music for the Royal Fireworks Handel  SSATB  OUP o/p
Conductor: Chris Burgess
Conductor: Moira Usher – Playing Day

Chiddingfold Village Hall; enjoy a day in the country!

‘A Mixture of Music – with an emphasis on Light and Swing Music’

Conductor: Anne Martin
The Planets’ Feet Eccles  SATTB 

 Orpheus Music OMP 060

The Liberty Bell Sousa    SAT  Willobie Press WP 306
Jeepers Creepers Warren arr. Bloodworth SAATTB(Gb)  ms
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