In January 2009, Tyrone Harry was persuaded to lead a group of recorder players in our village, and things just snowballed from there. Pretty soon we had musicians appearing as if from nowhere and Tyrone suggested we join the SRP.

We did join the SRP in April ‘09, and now boast 15 members. Under Tyrone’s direction we came on in leaps and bounds, particularly those of us who dusted off our old instruments to join in, playing for our own pleasure and offering recitals in local and increasingly distant venues.

Tyrone has moved on to other things, and Peter Cotterill has been our musical director since December 2009. Unlike other SRP branches we play together every Tuesday evening; initially we were meeting in the Church which has superb acoustics, but we found it rather chilly for sustained playing in the winter. Now we meet in Hullavington’s comfortable Village Hall.

We occasionally hold recitals within our village and, annually, at Lacock Abbey, and in the Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury.

People come and go, of course, but we normally have between 10 and 15 people playing together each Tuesday evening, so are able to play music of an increasingly challenging standard, from intermediate upwards.

Playing Day : June 23rd 2012

Folk Music and Dance Extravaganza
with Jack Brothwell

For our third playing day we had something totally different! We put together a day to combine our love of recorders, Folk music and a sense of fun.

For this special day, we assembed an event to celebrate the English folk tradition. Folk songs and tunes were respected and arranged by Ralph Vaughan Williams and Percy Grainger, and now, Jack Brothwell,Playing day well known in the South Cotswolds as a SRP member and purveyor of folk music, has written recorder arrangements of Morris dance tunes and will led the day, which culminated with the recorder ensemble playing to accompany the Malmesbury Morris dancers, interspersed with instrumental arrangements. Morris dancing

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