Meeting Dates

Programme is now displayed in the venue section.

September 10th Enid Holmes
October 8th Enid Holmes  AGM will be held during our tea break
November 12thHilary Worsfold will conduct:JS Bach Motet in C SATB

Steve Marshall Northumberland Suite SATTB

Anthea Spensley will conduct:

Eccles 5 Italian Songs SATTB

Purcell 5 Pieces from Abdelazer SATB

December 10thEnid Holmes will conduct seasonal music.
January 14thHilary Worsfold will conduct:3 Scottish Country Dances SSATB

Clementi Canon SATB

Faber Suite ATB , hopefully doubling down with the treble line in the Bass clef

Anthea Spensley will conduct:

Sylvia Rosin’s Singing in the Wind  SSAATTGB, CB Triangle

February 11th Sue Cross will conduct:

Thomas Tallis         Out from the Deep      SATBGB (Helen Hooker downloads)

Enid Holmes will conduct :

Clarke                           Lambert Binnen  SAATB

Carey                             Trains  SATB

Schutz                           Jauchzet den Herrn – 2 choirs.  SATB     TBGBCB

If time

 Palestrina                   Ricercare SATB

Mozart                             March of the Priests  SATB

Hilary Worsfold will conduct:

 Harvey                Suite of Gershwin Melodies  SATBGB

March  11thSue Cross will conduct Augustina Bassano’s Pavan and Gagliard arranged by Norrie Williams SATTB

See and visit her recorder consort music downloads. This gives players who are a little unsure the chance to have a practice or even test which part they prefer.

Enid Holmes will then conduct:

Clark    –  Menuetto  D.C.         SATTB

Lewin    –  Trelawney’s Ghost      SAATB

Gabrieli – Sonata Pian e Forte   2 choir

Enid will bring another piece in case there isn’t time for the double choir. Let’s hope there are no traffic holdups and we can all be ready in our seats at 2:25pm and get time to play it.

After the break Anthea Spensley will conduct:

‘Entry of the Gladiators’ by Julius Fucik  Sop,S,A,T,B,GB,CB

Schmelzer Sonata No 5 SSATTB

April 8th

 Sue Cross

Courante Michael Praetorius  SATB

Enid Holmes

Sullivan  –  HMS Pinafore with a possibility of doubling to GB  CB

Stainer  –  God So Loved the World  SATB

Bobby Shafto  –  S. Richards  2D  2Tr  T B

Palestrina   –  Tu es Petrus   2D  Tr  2T  B

Hilary Worsfold

JS BAch ‘Fare Thee Well’ BWV 227.  AATB

Byrd Lullaby for SAATB  –  if time

May 13th Playing Day with Liz Alexander
June 10thJulie Dean
July 8thGraham Danbury

Bach Passion Chorale

Battishill O Lord Look Down
Clark Irish Suite
Purcell Old Bachelor Overture.

Hilary Worsfold

Achinger 2 Motets SSAT but doubled.

Gibbons, Weekes  2 Settings of ‘Hosanna to the Son if David’ SATB

Locke  Consort Suites 3 and 4 SATB

Mendelssohn Fuga. SATB

Prestino(?) Joy so delights my Heart AATB

August – no meeting
All meetings will be in Park Hall, Leyton Road, Harpenden AL5 2LX.
Last updated 1 November 2023