All meetings will be in Park Hall, Leyton Road, Harpenden AL5 2LX.

The hall is open at 2pm, and play will be from 2.30pm to 5.30pm with a break for tea.

Meeting Dates

9th February  
9th March  
13th April  
11th May Playing Day with Marg Hall
15th June  
13th July  
10th August  
14th September  
12th October  
9th November  
14th December Programme & Running Order
11th January  
8th February  
14th March  
4th April  
9th May  
20th June  
28th June Playing Day with Michelle Holloway
11th July  
15th August  
12th September  
10th October  
14th November  
12th December  
Last updated 2 December 2019