2016 – 2017


10th September Katherine Gray & Lindsey Giles 
Marg Hall Klezmer Collection SATB  Peacock Press
Alyson Lewin Joe’s Jitters SATB  Hawthorn Music
GD Rognoni Taeggio 2 canzoni da Sonar SAA/TB EM:271
Elgar, arr Dom Gregory Murray Chanson de Matin,  Op15 No2 SAATB  Novello
Colin Hand The Hallam Suite SATB  Nova music
8th October

Playing Day with Alyson Lewin

Alyson will bring a wide selection of music, including some of her own compositions,
for us to enjoy. Bring any and all recorders that you have!

Further Details and Application Form

12th November John Hobday & Lindsey Giles
Bach, arr Mario Duschenes 7 Bach Fugues Bk 1 Nos 1 & 3 SATB  Berandol Mus Ltd
Matyas Seiber

Dance Suite Vol 3 –
Paso Doble & Charleston 

SATB  Schott Ed 12347
JP Sousa The Liberty Bell   SAATTB Oriel

Gabriel Grovlez, arr Hobday

Petites Litanies de Jesus  SATB  


Charles Avison Concerto in G minor  SATB  The Clark Collection
Francesco Landini 2 Ballate SAA/T  London Pro Musica Ed
Paul Clarke Irish Suite   SATTB Hawthorns Music
10th December John Fenn & Simon Shirley


William Byrd, arr Michael Murray: The Leaves Be Green SAATB Avondale Press
Charles Villiers Stanford, arr Joanna Brown Magnificat in G


Gounod, arr K Sone Funeral March for a Marionette  SATGb  
Holst, arr K Sone / R Tokunaga First Suite for Military Band  SATB(Gb in 8ves)  
Holst, arr K Sone Fantasia on the Dargasson SATB  
arr Fabrizio Ferrari 2 Christmas Carol Collections   SATB Virtual sheet music


14th January

Moira Usher
soloist: Paul Davis (viola) – keyboard: Chris Blanch

Having a soloist to accompany is unusual. We hope you enjoy the experience, with the lovely warmth of the viola sound. We will accompany Paul playing:

Marcello Concerto in D Minor  
Telemann Concerto in G, which was written for viola and strings
Massenet Meditation
Roche Vacances  
11th February  Lindsey Giles & John Hobday
Orazio Vecchi Fantasia a 4 SATB RMS 1180
David Pedley Arabesques SAATTB Tomus TM 121
Colin Hand Hallam Suite SATB Nova Music 245
Debussy, arr Pitts Cake Walk SAT Arnold/Wheaton
Bach, arr Mario Duschenes 7 Bach Fugues Bk 1, No 1 SATB Berandol Music
Matyas Seiber Dance Suite Vol 3 Charleston SATB Schott
JP Sousa The Liberty Bell SAATTB  Oriel 
11th March  Simon Shirley & Jaya Shakleton
Bach Sleepers Wake SATB  
arr Annie Helmann Where e’er you walk SATB  
Peter Lawrence

Teddy Bear’s Picnic
Muppet Show

SSAT Brass Wind pub
Haydn Partita    
1st* April  John Fenn
William Byrd The Ghost  SATTB Hawthorne’s 
William Byrd The Leaves Be Green SATTB John’s own music
JC Bach Ich Lasse Dich Nicht SATBx2 Hawthorne’s
Scott Joplin Magnetic Rag  SATB OL222

*Note: first Saturday of the month instead of usual second Saturday

Future dates: 13th May, 10th June, 8th July

2015 – 2016


September 12th Jaya Shackleton & John Fenn
Purcell The Fairy Queen SSATB Universal
William Byrd The Leaves be Green SAATB Schott
Anon, arr Andrew Mitchell Recawbers SATB  
Elgar Chanson de Matin: Quintet SAATB Novello
Da Viadana Canzona La Padovana (double choir) SATBx2  
JC Pepusch Overture to the Beggar’s Opera SATB  

October 10th

9.30am – 5pm

Playing Day Conductor Evelyn Nallen
Evelyn will bring a great variety of music for us to enjoy
The Playing Day will be held at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School, Jessop Road, Norwich, NR2 3QB
Please email or see poster for details
November 14th John Fenn & Lindsey Giles
JH Schein Musica Boscareccia SAT/TBB  
Byrd, arr Denis Bloodworth Will you go walk the woods so wild SATTB  
Francesco Landinia 2 Ballate:Gram piant’agli ochi & Caro Signor SAA/T LPM, ML101
Thomas Chilcot Giga SATB Oriel JC201
Ivan Mosely Pasadoble SATB Oriel 148
Colin Hand The Hallam Suite SATB NM 245
December 12th Katherine Gray & possibly Jacinta Goode
John Turner A Song on the Birth of Christ SATB  
Ivan Moseley Variations on a Seasonal Them SATB Oriel
Marg Hall The Three Kings SAT Hawthorn
Bruce Pennick Sweet Chiming Christmas Bells SoloSop/SSATB Hawthorn


January 9th John Fenn
JH Schein Musica Boscareggia SAT, TBB  
William Byrd, arr Bloodsworth Will you go walk the woods so wild SATB  
William Byrd, arr Fenn Haec Dies à 6 SSATTB  
Alec Templeton Bach goes to Town SATB,GB,CB  
February 13th Moira Usher – Keyboard: Chris Blanch
Music to include:      
Boismortier Sonata V AATB Keyboard  
Rachmaninoff Vocalise SAT Keyboard  
arr Davey Don’t Bring Lulu SSATTB Keyboard  
February 27th
10:00 – 16:30
Technique Training Day with Helen Hooker
Details and application form
March 12th John Hobday & Jaya Shackleton
John – A selection from:      
arr Matyas Seiber Three Hungarian Folksongs SSAT Janus Music
JP Sousa The Liberty Bell SAATTB OL 1995
Matyas Seiber Dance Suite Vol No 3 SATB Schott ED 12347
arr Ton Johnson Three Scottish Country Dances SSATB Scott & Co Ltd
arr Mario Duschenes Seven Bach Fugues Book 1 SATB Berandol Music Ltd
Purcell Fantasia no. 12 SATB Schott & Co
Handel Music for the Royal Fireworks SSATB  
April 9th
Lindsey Giles & Simon Shirley
Henry Purcell 1st set of pieces from The Fairy Queen SATB Schott ED11798
Charles Avison 2 Concertos SATB CC10
John Farmer 2 Madrigals SA(8ve)TB LPMEML331
Paul Clarke Irish Suite SATTB RA27
Mozart arr Russell Wilson Ave Verum Corpus SATB 8 notes/Red Balloon Technology Ltd
Mouret Rondeau SATB 8 notes/Red Balloon
Ponchelli Dance of the Hours (from La Gioconda) SAATB  
Rossini arr Russell Wilson William Tell Overture SopSSATB 8 notes/Red Balloon
May 14th Ren Cleary – Soloist: Helen Herbert – Guitar: Simon Durrant
Werdin Concertino for Sopranino and recorders Sop + SATB Schott
Demantius Fifteen Dances SATTB LPM GM2
Purcell Music to Dioclesian    
Andrew Challinger Spring Dance    
Scott Joplin arr Ross Winters New Rag    
June 11th Stephen Watkins
Praetorius Dances from Terpsichore Vol 2   LPMDM12
Purcell, arr Coles Chacony SATB Schott
Watkins Suite for Norwich SRP SopSSAATTBBGbCb
July 9th Jaya Shackleton & Jacinta Goode
The Clark Collection 4 Friday Pieces SATTB J5byBurwood
John Fenn Renaissance Dance Suite SATTB  
Vincenzo Pellegrini 2 Canzoni da Sonar à 4 SA/TTB EML 374
Raymond Harvey Variations on the Flat Pavan SATB FWX 002
Roy Heaton Smith Serenade SAT Schott 10511
Steve Marshall Hansel & Gretel SATB May Hill
Last updated September 12, 2017