2017 – 2018


9th September John Fenn
H. Walford Davies God be in my Head SATB JPF
Renaissance Dance Suite   SATTB arr. Fenn
William Byrd Haec Dies SATTB arr. Fenn
Joel Martinson (with permission) Arise My Love SATB  
Quercus Quodlibet   SATB  
14th October

Playing Day with Stephen Watkins

Stephen will bring a wide selection of music, including some of his own compositions,
for us to enjoy. Bring any and all recorders that you have!

Further Details and Application Form

11th November John Hobday & Lindsey Giles
Alan Bullard North Sea Sketches* SAATB (+optSopGbCb) Peacock Press P365
*commissioned by Suffolk SRP in 2010 for National Festival
Alec Templeton Bach Goes to Town SATBGb  
Brian Bonsor Soft Shoe Shuffle SAT Trimontium Music
Michael East The Muses, 3-part fancies from
‘The 7th Set of Books (1638)’, Vol II
TTB Peacock Press TR017
David Pedley Arabesque SAATTB Tomus Pub
Andrew Challinger Three Miniatures SS/AATB Montem Music Mon118
9th December Katherine Gray & John Fenn
Michael Praetorius Christmas Hymns
(a selection from)
SATB Promusica
Arcangelo Corelli Christmas Pastorale SAT Schott
Marg Hall The Three Kings SAT Hawthorn Music
Paul Clark The Twelve Days of Christmas SATB Hawthorn Music
Thomas Morley Ballet Selection 2 5 parts LPM TM68
Simpson Seven pieces for five instruments 5 parts LPM TM15


13th January Moira Usher
Richards King of the Fairies
Two unbarred pieces
SATBGb/Cb Willobie Press
Hassler Canzon duodecimi toni – 2 choir SATB x 2 Hawthorns RA13
Rogers Two-Tone Rag – 2 choir SATB + ATBGb Hawthorns RA149
Wenrich Red Rose Rag SATB EMI oop
10th February Katherine Gray & Lindsey Giles
(Revisiting) James Carey Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son – a Suite of Old Rhymes SATB Hawthorn
Various A selection of ‘centre pieces’ from The Recorder magazine SATB SRP
Carol Gesualdo do Venosa O come e gran matire SAATB EML 243
Charles Avison Concerto in G min SATB Clark Collection
JS Bach, arr Bamforth Art of the Fugue – Contrapunctus 10 SATB Hargail Music
10th March John Fenn
James Carey Step Stately – A Suite of English Dances SATB RA94
Giovanni Gabrieli Two Canzons in 10 parts SSSSAAATBB and SSAAB, AATTB(Gb) OL165
JS Bach, arr Fenn 3 movements from Cantata no 103 Actus Tragicus – Gottes Zeit AABGb, SATBCb
Eileen Silcocks West Country Suite SATB(Gb) OL234
14th April Conductor TBC
Programme TBC      
12th May Conductor TBC
Programme TBC      
9th June Conductor TBC
Programme TBC      
14th July Conductor TBC
Programme TBC      

Future Dates:

8th September
13th October (Playing Day)
10th November
8th December

Last updated 19 January 2018