North London SRP meet at: Highgate International Church, 272 Archway Road N6 5AU.


  • Click this link for a view of the front of the church. Link.
  • Click this link for a view of the church if you are driving south along Archway Road (A1) towards Holloway or walking from Highgate station. Link.
  • We are using the entrance through the café with no steps – not the main entrance up the steps between the pillars.
  • You can see us on the map here. Link.
  • You can see us on the SRP branch map here. Link.



  • The church is on three bus routes: 43, 134, 263.
  • Travelling north, the bus stop is Highgate Station.
  • Travelling south, the bus stop is Southwood Avenue.


  • Highgate station is about five minutes walk from the church.
  • Take exit 3 for the escalator to street level.
  • Turn left at Archway Road.


  • The parking right outside the church can be used for three hours by anyone with a disabled blue badge.
  • There is free parking in the surrounding side streets.
  • Holmesdale Road is the nearest side road on the same side of Archway Road as the church but there is no entry from Archway Road.
    • Travelling south, you can reach Holmesdale Road from Northwood Road, which is the first left turn after the church.
    • Travelling north, you can turn into Northwood Road from Archway Road, which is the first permissible right turn after you have driven under the road bridge – just before the pedestrian crossing lights – then take the first left.
    • Holmesdale Road is a steep hill and you need to drive up the road until you are outside the Parkland Walk.
Last updated 6 March 2019