This page gives brief information about soloists and professional recorder ensembles and groups featuring recorder players active in the UK. If you wish to be included in this page, please contact the publicity officer . Please state your musical qualifications (if any) and say whether you are a professional (i.e. earning some or all of your income from music) or amateur.

For amateur ensembles and groups, see the Recorder Orchestras page and the Early Music Groups page.


Aldo Abreu

Piers Adams – Past winner of the Moeck/SRP competition, Vice President of the Society of Recorder Players

Giovanni Antonini – musical director of Il Giardino Armonico

Charlotte Barbour-Condini – First ever recorder player to reach BBC Young Musician final in 2012

David Bellugi – Based in Italy

Vicki Boeckman – primarily works in the USA

Andreas Bohlen – teaches in Austria

Susanna Borsch – Based in Germany

Julie Braná

Erik Bosgraaf – Based in Holland

Lorenzo Cavasanti

Priska Comploi

Julien Feltrin – Based in France, teaches at the Royal College of Music

Anna Fusek

Cléa Galhano

Jostein Gundersen

Peter Holtslag – Based in Holland, teaches at the Royal Academy of Music

Jill Kemp – UK based

Genevieve Lacey

Dan Laurin – Based in Sweden, teaches at Trinity Laban

Matthias Maute

Emma Murphy – UK Based

Evelyn Nallen – Musical adviser to the Society of Recorder Players

Christopher Orton – Teaches at Birmingham Conservatoire. Past winner of the Moeck/SRP competition

Michala Petri – Based in Denmark, Vice President of the Society of Recorder Players

Anna Petrini

Hanneke van Proosdij

Aik Shin Tan

Priscilla Smith

Pamela Thorby – UK based, teaches at the Royal Academy of Music.

Sophie Westbrooke – BBC Young Musician finalist in 2014

Recorder Ensembles

Peter Bowman and Kathryn Bennetts – UK based

Consortium5 (UK)

Flanders Recorder Quartet

The Flautadors (Recorder Quartet)

I Flautisti (The London Recorder Quartet)

Quartet New Generation

Royal Wind Music (Double Sextet) – all members are past students of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, includes Maria Martinez Ayerza, a past Moeck/SRP competition winner.

Seldom Sene (Recorder Quintet)


This section lists groups of several instruments that include one or more recorders. The recorder players in each group are named.

Florilegium – Ashley Solomon

Passacaglia – Annabel Knight

Red Priest – Piers Adams

Respectable Groove – Evelyn Nallen

Last updated 16 August 2022