There are two SRP Branches and two affiliated Recorder Groups in Kent:

Kent Branch usually meets near Maidstone

Weald of Kent Branch usually meets near Tonbridge

Dunorlan Recorders offers occasional playing events (evenings, days, weekends) and concerts in the Tonbridge area. Future events are listed below.

12-14th January 2024, playing weekend with Philip Thorby for advanced players at the Friars in Aylesford. Music from early to modern.

For more details please contact Ulli Burchette via email
Contact : Ursula Burchette 07855460115

25 and 26 January 2024 SRP Online Workshop: ‘Variations over a Ground Bass’ with Annemarie Klein

17:00 / 5pm (UK time) – 18:30 /6:30 pm (UK time)

Variations over a ground was a well-developed form by the turn of the 18th century.

In this workshop, we will explore the two forms of ostinato basses, the folia and passacaglia, through two works by composers Michel Farinel and Gottfried Finger. We will examine how the ground basses are put together and how composers create unique variations over them.

Players will learn how to overcome any technical challenges and how to create variety within the context of a repeated bass line. We will finish with a complete performance of the pieces with Annemarie on the harpsichord.

Players will need a treble at A=440: all music provided as pdf files.
Duration: 2 x 90 mins

Contact: / 07855 460 115

3 February 2024 Online Workshop: ‘Baroque Perfection’ with Tom Beets and Joris van Goethem

Baroque perfection: Johann Mattheson’s Sonata XI à Due Flauti (1708)

Zoom Online 18:00 (UK time) – 19:15


This sonata, in typical baroque style with an elegant flavour, fits the recorder like a glove.

It is taken from Ouvrage 1, XII Sonates à Deux & Trois Flûtes Sans Basse, Ouvrage 1, published in Amsterdam in 1708.

The four movements are distinct: a Prelude in Andante featuring imitation, extensive scale work and dissonance; a bouncy Allegro en dansant; a short arioso Adagio; and a Chaconne beautifully crafted from a very simple bass theme.

For two treble recorders at 440

Contact: / 07855 460 115

Musical Director: Peter Bowman

Tonbridge North Recorders are a friendly group of about 15 recorder players directed by Dr Peter Bowman, a professional recorder player and teacher.  We meet on Monday evenings in a church hall in Tonbridge, from 8-10 pm to play a wide variety of music.  We follow school terms, usually with 10 meetings for each of the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms and in addition we give occasional concerts. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us for more information.  You should be able to sight-read music at an intermediate level and preferably play at least 2 of the four standard instruments.


Last updated 28 November 2023