2016 – 2017


24th September Sessions conducted by Branch Members
(2.30pm Annual General Meeting)
29th October Andrew Collis
26th November Wendy Pettit
17th December Ian Chesters


21st January John Bryan
25th February Sheila Richards
11th March Myra Wilson & Joanne Simmie
1st April

Annual Playing Day – Pamela Flanagan
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20th May Marg Hall
24th June Ann & Steve Marshall
1st July Multi-Choir Playing Day – Sandra Foxall
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15th July Helen Hooker
22nd July Intermediate Conducting Workshop – Colin Touchin
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2015 – 2016


19th September Sheila Richards
24th October Sessions conducted by Branch Members
(2.30pm Annual General Meeting)
28th November Sheila Richards
12th December Pastoral Visit – Helen Hooker


16th January Ian Chesters
23rd January Intermediate Conducting Workshop with Eileen Silcocks: Cancelled
20th February Adam Dopadlik
12th March Annual Playing Day – Pam Smith
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16th April Ann & Steve Marshall
21st May Wendy Pettit
18th June Margaret Shearing & David Scruby
9th July Caroline Jones
16th July

Light Music/Swing Playing Day – Sandra Foxall
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Last updated 8 September 2017