Programme 2019-2020

(For the Full Ensemble Session)

First Session (14:00-15:15)

Two groups: less & more advanced

Second Session (15:30-17:00)

Full Ensemble, with one piece spread over two months for greater involvement and practising

Title Composer Parts Index (Lib.)
Bouquet of Fancies Charlton SATB OL164M (Lib 162)
Motet No. 6 Bach SATB DMP406 (Lib 209)
Royal Fireworks Handel SSATB P131 (Lib 217)
Title Composer Parts Index (Lib.)
Overture Patience Sullivan SoSAT(T)B OL200 (Lib 204)
Pastorale Corelli SATB Download (Lib206)
Bouquet (Repeat from September)      
Title Composer Parts Index (Lib.)
Light and Shade Ball (So)SATB Peacock (Lib211)
Liberty Bell / Old Comrades Sousa SAT(T)B OL176M (Lib178)
Patience (Repeat from October)      
(NB: 2nd Saturday of the month)
Title Composer Parts Index (Lib.)
Quartet Finale Haydn SATB OL189M (Lib213)
Two Concertos (I) Avison SATB CC10 (Lib68)
Liberty Bell / Old Comrades (Repeat from November)      
Title Composer Parts Index (Lib.)
Two Fugues (I) Handel SATB RA139 (Lib212)
Sonata 159 Scarlatti SATB JR17 (Lib201)
Quartet (Repeat from December)      
Title Composer Parts Index (Lib.)
Sarabande & Gigue Charlton SATB JR14 (Lib192)
Three Consort Pieces Nicholson SSATB OL117M (Lib182)
Two Fugues (Repeat from January)      
Playing Day: Guest Conductor Moira Usher
 10:00am to 5:00pm
Playing Day Application Form
Title Composer Parts Index (Lib.)
Banchetto Musicale 3 Schein / Ball SSATB Ball Lib (Lib210)
Non Piu Andrai Mozart SAATB Hawthorns (Lib142)
Saraband & Gigue (Repeat from February)      
Title Composer Parts Index (Lib.)
Two Orchestral Fugues Handel SATB OL243 (Lib138)
Rodelinda Aria Handel / Clark SATB CC127 (Lib127)
Banchetto (Repeat from May)      
Title Composer Parts Index (Lib.)
Two Concertos (II) Avison SATB CC10 (Lib 68)
Dido & Aeneas Purcell SATB RA120 (Lib157)
Two Orch. Fugues (Repeat from May)      

Dates for the rest of 2020

26th September
24th October
28th November
19th December
Last updated 2 September 2019